Why must i not be able to do this
Everyone or thing i've ever loved
i've never been able to get out my mind.. a permanent scar on my heart that will never be without...
i don't know what to do now, around a year or more i've known you..
Do i miss you.. i miss the days on dance online.. hearing your voice, the fights the laughs.

Brandi trying to get me back.. not one moment i regret or forgotten.. if we had of not quit at the same time. we'd probably still be together. the summer of 09 might of not bothered me.
But our hearts are set for one goal in life is to find the one, and the heart ache grows stronger.. What if she does move.. What if she doesn't.. Who knows what will happen the future.. i wish you and brandi cud be good friends. but this probably will never happen

i'm sorry, but i can not be in a relationship with you right now.. because my heart belong's to another as you know.. your heart belongs to another too... If i cud go back i would.. id go back and redo all the mistakes i had made that made your life so miserable, and brandi's you guy might of never met me.. but you wouldn't of had to worry about this stuff

but untill now i dunno what to do but be brandi's
yes i do still love you.. but idk if i can ever go back if ill be with brandi forever or not.. that is only fate decision

so idk