Homg how is everyone?!! It's me again with an update. I forget when the last time I updated was (maybe last month??) but new s**t to tell homg woah. Okay so it's been almost a month and woowee hot sexy lovin all over the place. Just let me say his name is Henry (a first!!) and I'm uberfab in love with him >> << and his man piece redface :3 I'm taking night classes and doing awesome in them (dad's and asuka are paying) On that note I went to Japan somewhere in this month (I think it was the 5th...ish) And I brought like everyone with me (Henry, Fifi, Dede, Mary) I was said mikey couldnt make it though I miss that lil guy. It was mega fun in Osaka (maybe cause I got laid frequently for once??) Err other then that I'm on better terms with dad and Mary's being consistently supa fly (and she has ******** better hair then I do grrr)