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Sigh...It's life.

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Stupid Avi
I hate how stupid my avi looks like. I need more money to get more sexier looking avis but I'm saving up and right now I have 9k almost 10k woot woot.
But my dream avi is really expensive so I don't want to wait that long to buy all the stuff I need, the most expensive thing is surprisingly not the monthly collectible things but instead a jacket which is 200k. stare
I know right! The listing says its 3k but when I go to the store it doesn't have that jacket anymore so everyone is selling it insanely high! I really would appreciate it if someone donated the doves or at least the skirt... I'm thinking of changing my dream avi -again- to feature bats instead of doves and the devil imp plushie instead of the angel one. But I really like to orly hat and there is no black orly hat. There is a yarly hat but it actually looks like an owl and not some weird rabbit thing. xp
Lolz I know the orly hat is supposed to be an owl but it doesn't look like one except when it does the fighting stance. I really want a messenger bag on my avi!!!
But all the listings don't have a black messenger bag which is the one I really want since the green and blue don't look that good...
Right now in my apartment it is positively freezing, the super said that he "fixed“ the problem. Yeah right, unless subzero is the new warm he did nothing to fix the problem. I'm wearing a jacket while typing this and my fingerless gloves so I can type. Ice fishing anyone?
I adore Pandora Radio which is one my favorite websites and something to play in the background while I'm just browsing the web. Since when I'm on youtube I have to find all the songs I want to listen to which gets annoying. Now all I have to type in Hellogoodbye for instance and Pandora finds all the songs that I might like and of course Hellogoodbye. Pandora has helped me fall in love with Relient K and Owl City. The annoying thing and I have to say one of the only annoying things is that I can't go back to a song that already played and I can't skip more than 5 times in any given day. Which I believe sucks, plus the ads that play in between 5 songs or something like that are ticking me off.
Well got to find some way to fund the website amirite?
Neways I have two projects due next week and a trip to Arizona played. Yep I drink Arizona tea and I'm visiting the state. I wonder if the airline serves Arizona tea? blaugh
I am now also cl 5.0 on zOMG. That's right sorta half way to cl 10. Well not really since it gets harder to upgrade rings since now it takes 5 charge orbs and when (if ever) I get to cl 10, it means it'll take 10 charge orbs to just to make the ring go up from 10.5 to 10.6. But 5.0! I helped beat buzzkill I got 15 orbs and like 200 gold which means I can't wait for the little bugger to come back. I do also believed that I died more times that I would have wanted to like -cough5timescough- One time I was just trailing buzzkill behind me so terrifying. eek
If I was a ridiculously high cl then maybe I wouldn't been so terrified but no, being cl 5.0 means that I would have been instantly murdered if I had stayed still long enough. By the way biggrin
TGIF heart heart heart heart heart

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