I realy do have something relevant (to me anyway) to post here though! 4laugh

And heres the startof it.

A sort of "to do" shoppinglist for me on gaia. Becuase my wish list gets hella long some times.

Besides all the cash shop and evolving item "shineys" catching my eye. I've decided to expand my main's collor sceam *spellcheck*.

So and therefore I need to purches and find the following types of commons that I think are cute:

Bottoms- And not just socks and/or stocking-tights! I am in dire need of pants that match what I have and a wider verity of skirts.
Acessories- I'm grown up now on gaia with this account, and it seems that most of the items I'm drawn to are acessories (that need outfits to soround them)