Since everyone has recently turned their heads towards "swampy folklore" do to a certain clue I thought I would share at least one with you. Today we will look at Hydra.

The Hydra was said to have lived in swamps near the ancient city of Lerna in Argolis. It was aid to have the body of a serpent with many heads. One head couldn't be harmed by weapons and the others would replace themselves if severed. It's breath was said to be so horrible it could kill anything that smelled it.

It was said the Hercules fought against the creature with some help from his nephew Iolaus. As Hercules caught of the heads he had Iolaus cauterize the woulds with a torch so that they wouldn't regrow. When he got to the head that couldn't be harmed by weapons he crushed it with his club and ripped it off with his bare hands. He then buried it beneath a boulder. The blood was said to be poisonous so he dipped his arrow tips in it.