good god almighty,I can not tell you how bad some show's are,I mean it makes you think"were they high when they thought this would work?" or they possibly just showed the pilot episode to a bunch of monkey's and they thought it was good.

we all know of that show bobobo-bobo-bobo or something like that,that show makes me want to hit people,and thats not healthy now is it? seriously I can only handle certain types pf weird from anime,like FLCL,but this.....this is just......I cant even begin to explain how many drugs you would have to use to enjoy this show.

I mean I can see why they keep alive certain customes in japan,that would seem ******** up to us,but thats going a tad off subject(or maybe it isnt?) I also know they are very into emotion's or at least expressing them, but when its shown in certain cartoons like bobobo,it should be condemed to some dark cavern in the middle of nowhere,but this has also got me thinking,how many other shows are like this one? either way its immature,stupid and I can say for certain that its not going to last much longer,have you seen the new batch of cartoon just released? they blow this one out of the water. 3nodding