My best friend came home for fall break! She leaves in an hour, but we said our goodbye yesterday. Ah it feels so good to be away from school. We have tomorrow off, which I am excited about. Oh so while she was here. I took her around to see people and my friends. And of course I had to let her see her ex. Now that was weird, only because I felt a Dejavu thing when all three of us were in her dorm. It was like when they first started dating, so we all went to her house. And his jerk mode turned on and he asked the most personal questions and was apparently 'offended' if she wasn't a virgin before him. Dude really, this wasn't a contest. She doesn't plan on doing it with anyone 'till shes married.
Oh and as we were walking to my friends dorm, of course we see creeper running with the track team in like short short spandex. Gahh
And Josh still keeps talking to me. Idk why, but I suddenly have this feeling of nausea whenever I talk to him. In person whatev. But I feel like I'm talking to a total creeper who randomly has facts that i dont really care about. I mean, VisualSusumu would bring up something to talk about that I really wasn't interested in, but it's still better than anything that guy said. And really he wanted to 'tag along' if we ever went to the ren fest with my group of friends. Um, it's gonna be all girls. And you're a creeper. kbye.
Sorry for the rant, it just bugs me. Paranormal activity, freaky stuff. Like will freak you out when you go to sleep. K gotta do hw and stuff before funness tonight. Peace.