as if ive been crushed, my body is drained of its energy.
as if ive been froze alive, my limbs turn stiff.
as if ive been bashed on the head, my ability to listen fades.
as if a black veil has swept over me, vision fades.
as if it belongs to someone else, blood flows away.

and so i fall



I begin to envy the state of being on land.

I miss the fresh, open air.

The turquoise substance swallows me.

It engulfs me.

It surrounds me.

It crushes me.

And i fall



into the turquoise substance, i plunge.

I shut my eyes.

I take one last breath.

And i slam to the bottom.

And fade from the sea.

Darkness surrounds me.

But then i see a white, shining light.

i follow it.

it embraces me.

i am safe now, so it feels.