Wulfy- Whoo im back and just before Halloween!! perfect timing! mrgreen

Sakura: Do you think Tsuki will be mad at us for leaving and finding hiro?

Wulfy-Probably but she'll get over it.

Sakura- sweatdrop maybe we shouldn't have just droped him off at her door step like that...

Wulfy- O he'll be fine....(Maybe....)

Sakura- Ok. So Wulfy what are you going to be for Halloween?

Wulfy- I don't know yet....either a DemonUser Imagea WitchUser Image, a VampireUser Image or a cat demonUser Image...lol

Sakura- Wow im probably gonna go as a fox.....User Image

Wulfy-Cool...do you think we should wait for Hiro and Tsuki to get here?

Sakura-You can but im gonna leave before hand...I don't wanna go through what happened last time again....

Wulfy- Ok...do you think maybe she'll finally agree to changing him?

Sakura- Probably not...i'll be amazed if he even gets here.

Wulfy-Have more faith Sakura.
*Hiro gos flying past Sakura and Wulfy and lands on his back a few feet from them*

Hiro-OWWW!!!!!! I think she broke something....

Wulfy- O_O Are you ok?!

Sakura- And that is my que to leave...

Tsuki-Your not going anywhere!!! What the hell where you thinking Hiro?! Just because I wouldn't change you you went looking for someone who would?! *starts throwing things at him*

Wulfy- Tsuki!!! Get control of your self! Please befo....

Tsuki-YOU! You just shutup and stay out of this!!!

Wulfy- If it wasnt for me you would never have even known what he was doing! Atleast I went out and foud him before he got him self into trouble...

Hiro- You know im still here...

Sakura(Standing off to the side just observing the scene)- You really shouldnt remind her.

Tsuki- * stare *

Wulfy- Look Tsuki just calm down and let Hiro explain himself..is that so hard? I know you love him so for once show some compassion LISTEN to WHY he wants to be a vampire....they're pretty good reasons...

Tsuki-....Fine....come on Hiro lets go...talk about this calmly i guess....*walks out of the room*

Hiro- *walks calmly after her* Thanks Wulf!!!

Wulfy- mrgreen Your welcome good luck!!!^_^

Sakura- Yeah cause your gonna need it...lol

Wulfy- stare

Sakura- What?

Wulfy- :Stare:

Sakura- question

Wulfy- So anywho as you all know know I cant deside what i want to be for Halloween(Samhain) soooo...I need your help!!! Go to this link>>>> http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/chatterbox/halloween-costume-voting/t.55012739/and vote on your favorite costume!!!^_^ I need votes in buy 10/28/09!

Sakura- So is this our skit for this week or will we do another one?

Wulfy- I don't know...maybe. O and the skit i do as a Halloween special it will have avatars in it!!!!^_^


Wulfy-Me neither! Halloween is like my christmas!!!! But instead of presents I get FREE CANDY!!!!! Which makes christmas just an added bounus for me! lol Alright so any way visit the link and read the next skit which will probably be coming out sometime next week! BYE!!!!


Wulfy- stare I wanna say the last bye!

Sakura-*sigh* ok...

Wulfy- YEAH BYE EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

Sakura- rolleyes