Wow... it's been months since I've been on Gaia and I'm so glad to be back!! I've been super busy with school and I just got back from a holiday in Japan (which was awesome.. Hello to all the Japanese people out there... you guys should be proud of your country !! biggrin ) and now I'm making the first journal entry in months.

So... what's been going on?? Well, the Japan trip was awesome and I guess I havent really got much to say. It's a really beautiful country and the shopping, culture and food there is unbelievable. Problem is a lot of the photos on my camera got deleted which is a huge shame.

Hmm... now I'm at a loss for what to type because I haven't been on for so long and I kind of just don't want to be bragging about my whole holiday. Hmmm... *thinking very hard* oh yeah... I went to Japan with a few of my friends and while we were over there we were up to so much. I actually have a few new friends to introduce to you guys:

Soyfon: a girl who is a year older than me but very funny... she's a bit weird and geeky but she's one of those really cute funny geeks.

Demu: she's very quiet and very shy and everyone always teases her about her soft voice... but I think that's what I like about her

Gigi: sweet and kind but very selfish and opinionated. Her opinions are really easy to argue with and she's a bit self centred but all the same she is a very kind girl.

Well... I guess that's all I really needed to tell you guys about. I would tell about my trip but you'd probably get sick of it. As a matter of fact, you might already be sick of it... razz

Anywho, I'm off. Feel free to comment about anything !! thanks everyone !!

heart heart em