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Naruto Comics And Stuff
Naruto RP. part 1 Made By: iiNaru-Maid

The sun rose high up into the sky, knowing it was going to be a beautiful sunny morning. Naruto soon then opening his eyes, sat up then yawned looking at the sunrise and said "Hmm.. Looks like today's gonna be a awesome day, I can just feel it!" Naruto got dressed and went down stairs to eat some his ramen he'd been saving, Slurping it down like he hadn't eaten in days.

Sasuke then knocked on Naruto's door surprising him. Naruto walked over to the door and opened it noticing Sasuke. "Yo, Naruto. All ready for your big mission today?" Sasuke stood there curious waiting for Naruto to reply.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Naruto ran upstairs to get Sasuke's birth-day gift, hiding it in his pocket not showing it to him. Closing the door behind him, Sasuke and me went to meet up with team.

Sakura: Hey, Sasuke Naruto! Hurry it up! She smiled big and ran to catch up with Kakashi. "Sasuke's probably wondering what we have in store for him, I can't wait!" she said under her breath.
He grabbed Naruto's hand then started to run catching up with Sakura and Kakashi. "Common, Naruto. We got a mission to do." He laughed happy to be with his team again.

"Well well well.. Good to see us all togather as a team again." He looked up at Sasuke and smiled. "Hey, Sasuke. Wanna lead our team today?" He questioned waiting for Sasuke to reply. Since it was Sasuke's birthday and all, why not give him a chance at it.

As I smiled, I knew we could trust him. "Woah, Did you hear that Sasuke?! You can be our leader! You are so lucky, that never happens to me!". I looked him straight into the eyes. I had a weird feeling like butterfly were flying in my stomach. My face went completely beet red, "What is this feeling...?" I questioned myself.

She noticed Naruto go beet red then smirked. "Well isn't this interesting, Naruto has a crush on Sasuke." Making Naruto blush even more, literally making him totally embarrassed. She wasn't doing it on purpose, just playing around with him.
He looked at Sakura, "Hey, don't tease him you." as he laughed. slightly noticing the sky change, "Looks like a storms coming in, we better hurry if were gonna beat the storm to us."

"Lead the way Sasuke.", Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto followed Sasuke to the hokage's office, Receiving there mission for today.

"Okay you four, Today's mission will be for you guys to escort a traveler to his village. It is a rank B mission.. But if you run into trouble it could turn out to be a rank A mission."

"So, who is this so called traveler..? Is there a name?" Naruto asked.

"What village will we be taking him to?" Sasuke questioned.

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