You actually did it! A Gaia Gold Cash Shop equivalent! And, though extremely late... and not very innovative... and it can actually use a few more tips from myspace and facebook with its chat system (granted we still get the ability to be logged out of GIM ) They've given us out short cut tool bar.. thing! With extremely customizable links that FireFox cannot eat with its updates! More potentials for the site can now open up for us that myspace and facebook cannot steadily offer! Take the reigns Gaia, take the friggin' reigns! Congratulation, it may seem you are sucking slightly less and less! Now time to see how it all plays out. :3 <[ User Hope +10 ]3

[ All the celebration for theory-in-play aside, it's been a while since I've made a real, real update here, hasn't it. I think since Cali, and everything on top of it prior and post, I had been more inward about life and my concerns. I realized, this has lead me to quite an amount of frustration since I feel so dissatisfied in trying to find an alternative confidant to the journal.

Any who, life's been busy is all I can say for the most part. It's like one day I wake up and all this extra ... crap has fallen down on me, or rather my family? My siblings can be very... difficult. I can also say my little sis is back. No. That is not a celebration. We've taken out loans for thousands and thousands just for my sister's move (I advised against it) and it's all down the drain now, meaning we're saving as much as we can. Meaning most of the money I actually have time to make for myself, goes to myself, in the most bare essential ways. (Yes, compared to others I'm spoiled, but I didn't ever try to take any advantage of it. Don't get me wrong, i didn't do my situation any justice either. -is ashamed at my laziness- emo )

My brother on the other hand, seems to me a far more depressing issue, on that I don't feel right completely disclosing. But I can only hope there is integrity in his words. I do what I can, but I'm not always around, it's getting hard to make sure he turns out fine. Yes, I've said horrible things about him before, I don't take it all back either. He might only really be nice because of his girlfriend, or maybe he's really has opened his eyes a bit more. My trust is short with him, but what is there, goes far enough for me to care. Humans...

My dad can still piss me off, but we're talking now... I can't settle with it sometimes, but I deal. He is also a large reason why I haven't signed on. Explanation: He has discovered pirating... and movie... As for my mom, it's like my sister dragged me down with her and now I am somehow getting these random attacks. It's SOooo gay. Dx School isn't as difficult (yet) as it is tiring. Class is... weird. Despite my plans for any awesome things have been turned inside out or postponed, I'm going join/try out a bjj school soon, hopefully, despite the money issues. -spoiled still in some ways-

This, Bob, is why I'm hardly around. Despite it all, I'm doing fairly well. The world around me can never stay the same, only the world inside me, which has hardly changed [there's a paradox in that (or more)... I won't get into it, lol]. I hope to not worry anyone who would come across this and feel they should. sweatdrop Any who, hopefully the holidays, as depressing as they will probably be, will bring me back more often. Til then, I'll try find time in other ways. Promise. ;3

Ja. <Missing It All]3 ]