Name: Ambria [Batteries Not Included].
Status: Modified Zombie.
Occupation: Day time student. Night time stalker.

I left for awhile, got sick of the bullshit, the fake people and the drama. Then I came back and almost everyone I knew is gone. That is probably the most heart breaking. I miss them terribly..Come back please?

More to the point.
I am the sweetest person in the world until you piss me off. I normally bite my tongue. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions regardless if you agree with me or not, but don't be a douche bag and we should be fine. ^_^ I have a very off sense of humor. I am a flirt, and against the name, I am not a whore. I am a class act. You don't respect that? Close the ******** window. <33

I love meeting new friends. I adore people. Keep your stupidity at the door. wink