It's important. Let me tell you about how I see school. It's necessary for Plan D--or was it C? Ah, s**t. This again... Hurr... Yeah...Plan D. Necessary! Journalism--that would help. Mathematics...I don't really care about. Homework; I never do it. It's like a policy. At least not at home. At the beginning of the year, I did my math in the library during lunch but now I don't do it at all and just mind-rape my friends in a grassy corner of the school. I tease my biology teacher all the time because she looks like Erin Mackey--current G(a)linda in Wicked on Broadway--and I have some sort of thing for her (The teacher, not Erin.). She probably expected me to be a good student anyway, because I'm polite enough to her and express interest in her life outside teaching--well, I'm not a very good student. She puts stickers and little notes on my papers. <3
School. I know what a privilege it is to be able to attend and a lot of the time, I really enjoy my experiences and love to learn new things. But, like so many...I just can't commit to the work. I want to be smart. I don't want to contribute hours of my time--especially for things I don't care about. And some teachers and assignments...just really piss me off.
For example, in my English class, we'll read, write some stuff about the text, and then the teacher will assign a journal prompt. We got one just yesterday, "Are you able to keep coolheaded under pressure?" The ********. Why, why, WHY. I've never understood! Why must we connect the reading to ourselves?! It's conceit. It's pointless. It's vain. It's first-person writing and I really dislike it! Aarrrgghhhh! Just thinking about it! Like, our first project of the year, we had to make a lifemap--summarize our lives in a bunch of symbols and write out what they all represent. We had a week to work and then presented. What the hell gives her the right to order us, at the sake of our grades, to tell our life story to the ******** class? I was a bit outraged and proffered up my grievances as politely as I could--really; I tried for polite and respectful. She seemed quite offended and I dropped it; stewing. Anyway, I ended up just sketching out in pencil and pen the Wicked stage revamped to represent more of me; like, the Time Dragon was a dollar bill. Because currency is fate in this world. Got like, a C. Why? 'Cus apparently I was really hilarious and the class kept laughing. I don't get it. No, I mean, I do, I guess--like, I drew my sister (Stick figure form.) being hung from the dollar bill, but, so as not to get docked points for violence quickly assured my audience that she wasn't dead or dying; just mildly annoyed. It was a Phantom of the Opera thing mixed with my dislike of my sister. Class just laughed and laughed...I was forced to end it early because they wouldn't shut up. Unbelievable. Sort of flattering, I do like to be thought of as funny, but the whole ordeal just lowered my grade even more and the teacher thinks I'm sort of cynical, trouble-making, back-talking freakazoid. Agh.

Anyway, I'm sick today and stayed home. Did some research online. See, ever since my trip to London with my dad last year over Spring Break, I've been entranced. That was where I first saw Wicked, and where my theatre passion was born; I'm always dropping not-so-discreet hints that a go back would be great. Really, it's a huge deal but we'll get into that some other time. Anyway, my dad's mentioned that his company could move him to Scotland and work over there--well. I was all for it! The plan really, is that we're selling the house he, myself, and my sister are living in right now while, over in Oregon, my mom is buying a small house. Once she's got it, my sister and I would go live with her--that was the Proactiv deadline because the school there's my paper work. Are you following this? If not, lemme know. Of course I'd miss my mom horribly--I really like her--but this is my life, right? It's Scotland. I would go. Go, go, go, go! Festivals in Edinburgh, Queen Spectacular tours with Kerry ******** Ellis in Sweden, West End theatre in London, the beautiful wilds of the Scottish countryside itself... And what that also brings up--how this relates to my School theme is...

Boarding school! Yes, I would need boarding school. My parents have always wanted really good schools for their kids and just a couple years ago, I'd stick out my tongue at that, but seriously, I truly do appreciate it. Just as long as not all the other students are total moral poles and don't let me cheat. Well...boarding school...hum. A couple years ago too, I'd love that idea--how fun! Yeah, I'm a bit smarter now. Boarding schools...are serious stuff. I'm not even entirely sure how they work. What do you do on the weekends...? <_< >_> I'll Google it after this entry! Um, but yes. Still, I'd move in in a heartbeat if one will have me and I'm able to work on some things that I'm interested in. Things I'm...interested in.

Let me just take this moment to say...that having a goal...having "things I'm interested in"...that's so huge for me. I know it is for a lot of people. For so long, I've wanted to be an author. Been writing stories since second grade when the teacher would commend me on my $100 words like "waddle" and phrases like "sobbing softly". (I'm still proud of that one. Come on, it was second grade!) Also wanted to be manager of a pet shop then too, and that didn't really die until like, fourth grade. But in all my yearbooks from teachers up to sixth grade, my teachers always said they'd be watching for my name in the New Books section of the local library... Seventh and eighth was when I lost myself... Now, I've found myself. More so than ever before, anyway.
Or maybe I'm deceiving myself. Who's to say? Is that even a bad thing? I can admit here and now that I deny things all the time. All the time! I am right now. But at least I know that. Maybe that's normal. Or maybe it's a skill. Whatever--it's useful and I'm glad of it. I can't...completely lie to myself. And I really think that at least, is good.
So Plan D is my goal right now...another may come up...other options--not just a fall back like Plan C. But those will appear when they appear, if they appear. Maybe the choice will be hard then, but that's for future me to worry about.

Oh, hey, and before I forget. While complaining about my English class, I said I really disliked writing in first person--which obviously, I am. See, I've never kept a journal like this before. Oh, I've tried. But I tried to write down everything that happened in a day. Like an activity log. Of course, they never lasted long. That's another thing I'm proud of, that proves to me, I'm growing and maturing. I don't feel the need to do that anymore--I know what this journal is for and its pages don't need to know that I played three hours of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn today. I paused for a long time there, just thinking of what to write as an example. This...this I'll come back to, actually.
Because it's not resolved, I don't think. Hurr.

Now, what was I saying? *scrolls up* Oh yeah, boarding school. Right. Well, my dad added on something really interesting--he said I'd need to go to school in London. Why? Dunno. There are boarding schools in Scotland, I know that. Can't recall my reaction either. Well, regardless, I was looking into it today (did so previously as well but it was a flop; I've fine-tuned my boarding school searching skills now apparently.), just before writing this entry, and have found two so far that sounded good. Now, it's said nowhere that I'm moving to Scotland. This is hoping and preparing. I'll talk to my dad about it tomorrow. (Tomorrow because sick people don't have the energy to discuss such exciting things.) Okay, school #1 is...

Stanborough Secondary School
Founded in 1902, Stanborough Secondary School in Stanborough Park, Watford, Hertfordshire, is an independent, co-educational school with a strong and established academic tradition The Seventh Day Adventist Christian roots of the school make it welcoming to all faiths and pupils from around the world. With over 40 nationalities (age range 3–18 ), Stanborough School is referred to as the United Nations. Our spacious boarding school provides accommodation for over 60 boarders. It is not unusual for students to share a room with someone who comes all the way from Australia, Asia, Africa, America or other parts of Europe to seek the benefits of a British education. Located in over 40 acres of beautiful parkland and only 30 minutes from London, the school provides the ideal setting for learning. By placing emphasis on a wide range of cultures and curriculum choices, we aim to develop our pupils in as many ways as possible. The School offers a balanced and challenging education, which will stand our pupils in good stead in their future careers and within the community at large.

Thirty minutes from London? Forty acres of parkland? Culture?! Courses on British history...I'd love that. Here in Washington, it's just a hell of a lot of WA and U.S. history. How conceited. This year, I've got geography--I didn't even know Asia was huge. How sad is that? Learning more about Britain sounds wonderful; it always seems so fascinating and I've got loads of Queen/King biography narratives to read around the house. Stanborough... Promising~ I'll post a photo of it at the end of this entry. The second school is...

Loretto School is a small, friendly co-educational boarding and day school for 3 - 18 years olds in Scotland. Set in 85 acres of leafy campus just outside Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, Loretto School provides an all-round education for just over 500 boys and girls - boarders, flexi-boarders and day pupils. Loretto is 30 minutes by car from Edinburgh international airport and runs daily minibuses from East Lothian and the Borders. Loretto School also provides a renowned golf academy - current winners of HMC foursomes Championships and pupils playing at national and international level. Pupils can board from age 8 years although most boarders join the School from age 10. We have an intake each year of international students joining our Sixth Form and smaller volumes joining at all ages further down the School. Loretto welcomes pupils from around the world who bring with them a diverse range of cultures which enhance the overall culture of the School. Loretto's non-demoninational status provides a relaxed environment allowing pupils from different cultures to fit in easily and mix freely. Overseas pupils with specific cultural needs are catered for in the most appropriate and sensitive way. Wide range of scholarships available.

EIGHTY-FIVE ACRES of leafy campus?! Like a dream. Just outside Edinburgh with minibus access?! I don't even know what a minibus is, but it sounds great! (You see? I have no idea what I'm talking about. More research required.) Nothing under courses says anything about journalism...but they seem to be really sporty and artsy--golf especially in the sport department. Well, I'm so not sporty nor do I want to be. Artsy... ...A story for another time; this entry is really long already. Photo at end.

...Or maybe I'm done for now. Yes, I think I'm done for now. Okay. School photos:

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

...Okay, on the site, actually, there was only a little crest type thing for Loretto... So I Googled it. If that is it...holy damn. I shiver of excitement just went through me. I'm going to look into all of this a lot more and maybe find a place to be. There's a lot I haven't covered here, but I can always write another entry; seriously, I'm pushing the limits on this one, probably.

EDIT: Previewed and reviewed this; holy hell, it's long!! I had no idea. And seriously, I'm so not done. Probably more later. Out~