While people decide about the Sync: OoR story, I'll get this episode finished.
[Guaine shared shocking news with the Fairies and requested their help. Agreeing to assist, Kutzu and Fourth set out with Guaine to confront a figure who answers to Hommay...]
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine)
-Starfall Plains.-
[The three at moving quickly, yet they still have a ways to go.]
Guaine: [Flying fast.] Gah, we won't make it in time!
Kutzu: In time!? Like, what did this Hommay guy say about time!?
Guaine: I'm worried about what he's managed to pull off in the time I've been gone! He could have taken our Soul Sphere by now.
Kutzu: [Gasps.] Soul Sphere! You can't be serious!!
Fourth: Soul Spheres? I've heard about those a while back... You're right. At this rate, anything could've already happened. I'll see you guys there! [Takes flight, the orbs beneath his feet reshaping a into separate rings. In an instant, Fourth bursts forward at an unthinkable speed, leaving the two aghast...]
Guaine: ...Does he even know where HQ is...?
Kutzu: Isn't too hard to miss, right?
Guaine: Shouldn't be. [Looks ahead.] How tough is your friend?
Kutzu: I think the better question here is, how tough is Hommay?
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-Dragon Valley.-
[Fourth comes to a stop before wide range of mountains. This entire region is known has Dragon Valley, and is clearly territory of the Masculine. It has been scarred and shaped into what it is from millions of years of nature's power. The soil is a unique bluish color. Constructed throughout the valley is a lengthy base of operations known as the Savage HQ. It twists and turns over and around the mountains. Sirens are heard from the base. Danger is near.]
Fourth: [Looking out at Savage HQ from the summit of a shorter mountain. Shouted commands can also be heard from a distance.] This is all pretty new to me... Let's see how I can cope with Darkness now. [He dives off, arms spread out, dropping like a rock from the steep mountain. He takes flight, now in control of the fall. A second before coming in contact with the ground, he swoops upward, rising in altitude with another mountain nearby. Along the way, Nightmares solidify, attempting to bring Fourth down. With his arms spread, Fourth conjures two beam-like blades that protrude a few feet out from his hands. He tears through the Nightmares like nothing, eventually coming to a flat surface on the large mountain. Here, part of Savage HQ is constructed. There is an entryway...] This looks like a way in. Hang in there, Dragons...
-Savage HQ.-
[He enters the base. Right now, Fourth is inside an active "Dashway." The Dragons use dashways to rendezvous in the quickest possible areas. Frightened Dragons are speeding through the dashway, barely noticing Fourth. However, a few finally do, and mistake him for an enemy.]
Dragon Soldier: Whoa!! 'The hell is that!?
Dragon Soldier: It's one of that freak's friends!! Let's overwhelm him!
Dragon Soldier: Yeah!!
[They charge Fourth.]
Fourth: 'Ey! You got it all wrong! [Quickly summons a bubble similar to the one he fell within. The Dragons stop before flying into this shield.] Give me a break! I'm here to help.
Dragon Soldier: Oh really...?
Dragon Soldier: Says who?
Fourth: I think his name was Guaine... He requested help from the Fairies.
Dragon Soldier: Guaine of the Shivan Salamander? Why would he ask the Feminine for help? We just finished a battle with them... Sorta.
Fourth: Look, it's a long story, but I'll explain everything as best as I can once that "freak" is caught. What does he look like anyway?
Dragon Soldier: Follow us and you;ll see! He's got Commander Mark and the Elites held hostage. Kuai tried to stop this guy, but he's out of control powerful!
Fourth: Alright, then. Lead the way!
[The soldiers do so, leading Fourth deeper into the HQ. It is practically a maze of uniquely constructed base. Luckily for Fourth he has someone to follow... A few minutes later...]
-Central Savage HQ.-
Dragon Soldier: We made pretty good time.
Fourth: Did we?
Dragon Soldier: I'd say so. [They come to a stop before a huge auto-door, which appears to be shut tight, and will not open for everybody.] ...'Thing's busted, it won't open.
Fourth: [Raises his arm partially, a glow beginning to radiate from that arm.] I can fix the problem, but it'd break the door.
Dragon Soldier: At this point it doesn't matter! Behind this is the innermost section of our HQ.
Dragon Soldier: In other words, the command center!
Fourth: Right then. [His hand reforms into the crystal-shaped shard. The glow intensifies. He aims at the door and fires a minuscule ball of bluish energy {Will be referred to as aurax, which is the life-force of Abominations.} The explosion, much like the shot, is small, yet it creates a hole in the door. Fourth leaps through along with five other Dragons.]
[Inside the command center is nothing but destruction. Electricity is crackling all around the room. Wires are revealed lying about the floor. Computers are smashed, the floor is torn up, and the other auto-doors are wrecked. The giant computer screens all around the room are shattered... The Dragons are speechless.]
Fourth: If your commander was anywhere... he would be here... and he's not.
Dragon Soldier: Those damned Darkness freaks... [Lowers his head.]
Dragon Soldier: ...Now hang on a minute... Anyone hear that?
Fourth: It came from over here, c'mon. [He walks to a pile of rubble in a corner. the Dragons follow him, and a few more from the dashway peek into the room with long faces.] Here we go... Help me move this stuff, guys.
[They do so, working quickly at the pile. The junk isn't heavy at all.]
Dragon Soldier: [Throws a fragment of computer framing off to the side and spots a figure within the pile.] Hey! In here! It's one of the elites!
[Everyone is enlightened to hear this. They rush to this Dragon's aid, the one removing the rubble, that is...]
Dragon Soldier: Is that...Peregrine?
Fourth: [Removes the last bothersome piece.] Hey... Are you okay?

~Peregrine(M)~ [General of the Air Wave Division. He is a hawk Sorenian, which is not common for Masculine Sorenian. His body color is mostly white, but his tail feathers are mixed with blue. Unlike all other evolved Sorenians, birds are different. Their arms play the additional role of being their wings. Peregrine is wearing padded armor, much like Guaine's. The difference is, his is much lighter and colored differently. He favors a silvery blue. His eyes are dark azure, and his hair is black, mainly messy. His weapon, nowhere to be seen, is a light beam scimitar.]

Peregrine: [Moans. He is cut and bruised all over.] Oogh... Who's that...?
Dragon Soldier: General Peregrine, what happened!?
Peregrine: His name is Hommay... He took Commander Mark and the other elites. You... just missed... him....
Dragon Soldier: I knew it... What about the Soul Sphere!?
Peregrine: The Soul Sphere... Soul... Sphere...? The Soul Sphere!! [Forces himself to stand. He nearly collapses again, but two soldiers assist him.]
Fourth: You don't look like you're doing very well. Give it a rest and we'll catch Darkness for you.
Peregrine: No! I have to go! It's for Mark and the Soul Sphere! I have to... go.
Fourth: [Sighs.] (Is this Soul Sphere thing really that important? He's going to get himself killed.)
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine)
Guaine: [From the dashway.] Make way! Go on, get outta the way!
Dragon Soldier: [From the dashway.] Wh-Guaine!? What is Kutzu doing here!?
Guaine: [Enters the command center.] Never mind tha--...Oh... Oh no...
Kutzu: Oh my gosh... It's totally totaled!
Guaine: ...I've failed the Dragons... I failed the Masculine, shoot, just neutralize me now, why don't you Kutzu...?
Kutzu: Don't be so hard on yourself, Guaine. You did all you could. Darkness... cheated.
Peregrine: ...Sh-shut up Guaine... You didn't fail Commander Mark... I did.
Guaine: Peregrine!! [Flies, with Kutzu, to Peregrine.]
Kutzu: Was Darkness still here when you arrived?
Fourth: Just those demon things, but they left recently.
Guaine: God, what happened up here, Peregrine!?
Peregrine: I was a fool and a coward, that I was... All I could do was watch from behind the wreckage, having misplaced my scimitar... Hommay and the Nightmares, as he called them, tore through Mark and the others so easily it was... [Gulps.] ...scary.
Guaine: Peregrine... I've never known you to be afraid of anything... If Darkness is this over the top, then... we're in real danger.
Peregrine: More than you know... They took the Soul Sphere, that they did...
[Everyone appears shocked, except Fourth.]
Kutzu: [Gasps.] They took your Soul Sphere!? Well we have to go get it back now!!
Guaine: Where did they go, Peregrine!?
Peregrine: Hommay mentioned something about Castle Blossom, that he did... Kutzu, I'd be worried if I were you.
Kutzu: Grrr, Lea already said she would leave us alone and now we have to deal with this!? Well that's totally fine by me because we've got a secret weapon.
Peregrine: Save it, Glitter boy... There's no stopping those guys, that there isn't.
Fourth: I beg to differ.
Kutzu: Totally! We aren't gonna let them walk all over us!
Guaine: Be stronger than this Peregrine. I know you can.
Peregrine: ...Guaine... Kutzu, and you... [Looks at Fourth.] You all feel so highly of yourselves, so much that you can bring yourselves to believe... that you can take down Hommay and Lea? That you can "beg to differ"...?
Fourth: I'm not about to let Darkness ruin this reunion. They went a little too far.
Peregrine: Reunion...? Well... I guess I have no choice but to join you.
Dragon Soldier: In your state, General Peregrine...?
Peregrine: I can manage, that I can... How do you think I earned my title?
Dragon Soldier: If you insist... Don't overdo yourself though.
Guaine: That's the Peregrine I know...
Peregrine: Hm-hm. [Smirks.] No hiding this time. [Looks to the crumbled wall. The handle of his scimitar is seen on the ground next to it.] Yep, I left it in here, that I did... [Able to walk, he steps out of the mess and grabs his weapon.]
Kutzu: If we're all ready, let's head out! There's no time to waste!
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine - Peregrine)
[Without further ado, the four take their leave by a small opening in the sky-way left unattended to. They ask that the soldier remain in case of any surprise attacks.]


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(Adam - Al - Eve)
-Fairytale Fields.-
[Only a half mile before Castle Blossom's grounds, a large Darkness portal {Dark Corridor from now on.} appears in a second flat... From it, three unexpected visitors step out...]

~Adam~ [He is a color-altered Moltres, with a gray body and darker flames. The flames are not necessarily "black and purple", yet a distinct darker shade than usual fire. Adam is a newer Shade, but his two friends are simply minions of the Overlord's Darkness.]

~Eve~ [She is an Eevee, and much like Adam, her fur color has been altered. It is black and dark brown. In her short, dark hair is a purple rose.]

~Al~ [He is a Mudkip, and similar to the two, his body color has changed to black. His tail and head fin are spiky instead of rounded, and are gray, while his cheeks are red instead of orange.]

[The three Pokemon seem out of place, and feel that way as well.]
Eve: This is Soren?
Al: Looks just like I pictured it would...
Adam: Lea said that she encountered a new, powerful foe. Any ideas?
Al: What about those Phaze Guardians?
Adam: Darkness' common enemy are the Phaze Guardians, so they've known each other for a while.
Eve: Phazes?
Adam: It's the same deal with them also.
Eve: We'll just have to find out for ourselves then.
Adam: Right. She also said that we would be prone to run into Abomination Hommay. Once that happens, our targets are the Soul Spheres of Soren.
Al: But there's something I don't understand...
Adam: What's that?
Al: If Naught knew that we would be transformed by the Ecliptic Pull, then why did he send us?
Adam: ...I wish I knew....
-Castle Blossom.-
[The doors have closed again, yet danger lurks outside...]
[Inside, Helena is counting the new Fairies. {Dragons have been Neutralized.} Suddenly, there is a knock on the castle doors.]
Helena: Wait here, ladies. I will get that.
Former Dragon: [Quietly to another.] Awkward...
Former Dragon: [Quietly.] Does she have to call us that...?
Former Dragon: [Quietly.] Doesn't bother me!
Former Dragon: [Quietly.] ...Right...
Helena: [Opens the door... It is Lea, Mistress of Venus, and a large group of various Nightmares, demons, pixies, and even Pokemon.]
Lea: [Grins, with her staff held tightly.] Trick or treat-y,
Smell defeat-y
I will take that Soul Sphere, sweetie.
Helena: [Stunned.]
Former Dragon: [In the background.] AH, SNAP! SHE'S GONNA TURN US INTO--Oh, right... [Sighs.]

--E n d i n g--
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