ok ok you GOTTA hear this Diary!! (omg wat is it wat is it??) .... well on friday i was rollerblading on a terrible sidewalk then all of the sudden i tripped or something and i fell down! (... neutral thats not exciting! *leaves the room*) WAIT scream !!!! when i fell down i scrapped my right knee so badly that i had 2 Huge rassberrys on my knee! (... question huh?) lol the sidewalk kinda tore 2 chunks out of my knee and im looking at it right now... its sticky and it looks really painful lol but its not haha although i cant stretch out my knee all the way... ummm have you ever heard of a cookie cutter fish? (well.. yeah..) ok well one of the rassberrys on my knee looks like a cookie cutter fish took a chunk out of the side of a whale... and it also looks like pizza! hahaha xd now the other one is the biggest with a huge gash in the middle of it... it looks like the block of cheese after you gradded it {not the Actuall gradded cheese} i had to teare my pant leg open to look at the wound and ehhh it looked like whale fat floating on the water. Thats right it looked white lol then i tore another part of my pant leg off to put it on the wound and i took my sock off wrapping it around my knee to cut off surrculating surprised ... lol well idk how i'm gonna walk upstairs when i go to school but i'll find a way!! mrgreen