Well, life in the semi-deep a little off to the right south is as boring as one would expect. Other than the usual life altering arguments and mind numbing stupidity from family, nothing is out of the ordinary. Being a mother is a little draining, but not so much that it leaves me a vegetable. I manage to deal, thanks to the warm loving support of my favorite past-time. Video games. Ah yes, the sweet sound of the systems little blips and beeps as I turn it on. The intro music to whichever game I happen to be playing. The glorious load screen reminding me of where I last left off....such is bliss.... ninja *cough cough* Ahem....anyway, if it weren't for gaming and occasionally reading, I probably would have gone batsh*t crazy years ago. So thank you, video game industry, for sucking the money and lifeforce straight out of my wallet and soul. For this we love thee. heart