So Brianda, what's happening?
Eh, I've been busy for a while, but I been having a lot of work recently- and I'm starting to get missing assignments... eek
How's that possible!? When you get an AP class- funny inside joke there- you get lots of work- oh yeah- it's a pain! But I can do it- I mean, I got a minimum day and a whole weekend to finish right? sweatdrop Well, time to work mrgreen !
Ah, I don't know what else to write... Well, uh, how about those Giant Microbes! This is just a note to Shelby- IDk if she uses Gaia- they got swine flu 3nodding - and I got it...But I don't have the actual disease if you guys are wondering wink .
Then I got this crazy english teach- stare he reminds me of someone...
Again, don know what to write xd ! So uh, how's everone's day going? biggrin (well that sound dumb sweatdrop )
I still gotta join DA, and aahh! I want to join a RP there!

Well... This was some entry. ninja