This is gonna be a sneak-peek of the experimental story, Sync: Origin of Rush. Basically, what's happening here is that I LOVED the old series, Kresent, which actually introduced that dude, Kristopher Rush, Amen, and Lavender. It also introduced some Eclipses like Kutzu, Kenny, and Khris the Rabbit. (No. I'm not racist. No. I'm not self-centered.) This was around way longer than anything else, even the Ethereal Cross crap which I may have to rewrite sometime years into the future... After Abstract. x.X
There's a lot of new stuff that no one's ever heard of in Sync 2. Some of that links back to Kresent, so I feel the need to reintroduce it. Plus, Rush is an -extremely- significant character in the Blast Legacies. Before Reality or any of the complicated stuff, he was the main guy, man! He was the guy who inspired Ethereal Cross, so without him, nothing would be happening with Blast today... I don't think.
In this story, you peeps'll learn how Rush earns the title of Phaze Guardian, what a Phaze Guardian even is, about his connections with Lavender, the SCRIPTS OF ECLIPTIC ORIGIN, and the Phazes. (Notice the caps? Yeah. PAY THE HELL ATTENTION TO THE SCRIPTS!)
Overall, you're gonna know all there is to know about Rush, aside from the Sync 1 ans Sync 2 things...
Characters... Characters will be interesting here. Some of them did -not- appear in Kresent. So for the list of Eclipses, I've got...:
Kutzu - Did appear.
Safiri - Did not appear until Apocalypse Legacy.
Kenny - Did appear.
Princess Cellie - Did not appear until Apocalypse Legacy.
Khris the Rabbit - Did appear.
There are only six. This one isn't emphasizing the Eclipses specifically, just the Phazes.
Apocalypse Legacy: This was the comic series of Kresent. It acted as the sequel to Kresent (1), introducing Amen as a protagonist. It also introduced the main villain, Naught.

Lavender: Lavender -did- appear before Amen. She and Rush obviously had a crush on each other. The two act as teammates through the first Kresent.

Amen: Most of you already know he's Rush's father. Originally, he played the part of the main antagonist in Kresent 1, due to a curse from HIS past. In Apocalypse Legacy, he is returned to normal. He works with Rush to fend off the forces of a fresh-faced Darkness. This also introduced Lea, Danny, Idi, and Ginsengaar. There was no Shade for the Chronic Eclipse. (Princess Cellie.)

Kresent: The series that I've been talking about... It literally meant "Kresent Phaze." In other words, it had nothing to do with the other Phazes. I'm changing that so that every Phazes is involved in one story, instead of multiples. (Similar to Ethereal Cross.)

Sync: This story was given a title with Sync in it because it possesses a similar idea, yet Reality is not involved.

Naught: Overlord of Misery. Was NOT introduced in the first story, and won't be in this one.

Scripts of Ecliptic Origin: VERY FREAKING IMPORTANT!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. These things are pretty much the reason the Eclipses even exist. They generate the energy that entitles a planet an Ecliptic World. This means, and you guys know this, that anyone who isn't already a creature of a certain Ecliptic World becomes one. So... Kenny goes to Safa and will become a Safan. They also possess the Eclipse past of the planets. The Eclipses are connected to their scripts, and are entrusted to defend them, lest Darkness is capable of stealing them. Chris had a massive role to play with these things, but I'll explain that in his section... which is next.

Chris: Once he appeared, he became the main character. (No, Not me. I don't have enough self-esteem for that. Chris is just the name I decided on... LOL IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, MY IRL NAME IS CHRIS! ...Sheesh...) What's important right now is that he had something called the Connection with the Eclipses. It acted as a seal on the Scripts. So with Chris in existence, the Scripts couldn't be altered. This story takes place before he was around. He had to've actually met the Eclipses in order for the Connection to spark into play. So really nothing happens just yet.

Phazes: Phazes; there are six in all. They are Kresent (I know it's crescent...), Gibbous, Supernova, Coruscant, Sol, and Wax-wan. They, as I said before, have a bigger role to play here than the Eclipses do. They are the children of Hideaki.

Hideaki: This guy opposes Naught in Sync. He's known as the Lord of the Phazes, or Phaze Lord, and rules the world of Light. He's the godlike figure who appears to important characters in visions at crucial moments in each story. He resides at Me'ihm Gardens... Basically a heaven-like idea.

That's all I got for now, but more will be coming soon. Next part will have a little bit from the series!