Wats up people. As you can tell from the title i done RPC pics of people that are in my head. I've done alot and it takes time, but i do them pretty good. When i was just beginning it was hard but i got th hang of it and do them all the time. These pics are some that i like, that i did. I'll put #'s by them so if you what to leave commets please put the number so i done which one your talking about. If you have any questions fill free to ask them! ARIGOTO!!!!!!!!

User ImageKakuzu and little Viper
User ImageZelmon Clock and Viper Hoshigo, their cousind...RAPEST!!!!! scream
User ImageMe(black hair) and two of my closet friends

Well thats all, if you ahve any questions about the pics please ask^^ i love answering questions about my pics