I had another weird dream last night...

This dream was actually a continuation of a previous dream where I had found that the world was going to end on a specific day much like the days to come on the year 2012 ,2028 and 2048. However, last nights dream was the actual day itself. I was working in a restaurant above a valley overlooking a village that kind of reminded me of an old mining site and everyone in town had come to eat at our restaurant. It seemed like the only one in town because we were always running, always sweating, always worrying about them over the final judgement of what was come to known as the end of all.
I don't remember everything but from what I do remember I will try to describe as best I can. I got a phone call about half way through the day and it was my mother, she was carrying on about something and I couldn't understand it at first until I asked her to repeat it and then it was crystal clear. She said,"It's confirmed the dog is dead." and I said,"What do you mean?"
She had gone on to tell me about how the dogs neck was split and physically torn from its neck and how the dogs tried reattaching it to its body with needles but it didn't work. Please do not pass judgement as this dream is just as awkward to me as it is to you. I had then proceeded to hang up and reenter the restaurant by which I was approached by what seemed to be a Hispanic manager telling me that I shouldn't be on my phone. I was utterly surprised to see that it was just like a restaurant in real life by its rules and at how many people were actually employed.
And then I noticed something that was very unusual. The restaurant was empty and not a single person besides the actual people that worked there could be found. I remember vaguely that there was something me and another gentlemen were doing around my other managers table. My other manager resembled my real manager that I used to work for at a place called Timberline Steak House in Kansas so this just made the dream that much more awkward but then everyone was quiet and I heard one person all excited telling us to check our phones.
I checked mine and it said that the world was not ending and that we could all go home. I told everyone and the last thing I remember someone saying is I wonder why no ones coming to our restaurant to which I replied,"Why would you want to go out knowing that the world isn't going to end anymore?","I would want to be with my loved ones at home."
I walked out into the sunset...the same beautiful sunset that graced my dreams many times before only, in this dream, it seemed a little more beautiful than last time.

And then I woke up hearing the peoples footsteps upstairs and sweating just a little bit. I hope you were intrigued by my dream but just remember I have had plenty of weird dreams in the past and this ones more sugar coated so be glad you didn't catch me writing in this journal a lot sooner. ^ ^

Thanks for listening,

BrigaGear sweatdrop