I wrote a poem during on demand. I titled it "Your Eyes" it was beautiful.
unfortunatilly I wrote it on the prewriting paper so I don't have it anymore.
besides is was about somebody who doesn't exist. not that they ever did.
I remember one line "and everytime i fall head over heals for those magnificent teals."
6stanzas 5lines each. it was the best i've done...
Guys are thought that their perfect girl has big boobs a vagina that fits their dick in snugly a wonderful tounge that gives divine pleasure and an ass made for f*cking.
girls are actually allowed to develop their perfect into something, idk, realistic, something that has meaning, somebody with a personality.
Guess in that standard I"m a girl. I have dreams of a perfect girl, and it has nothing to do with her body. Despite my pervertedness and claims of things I really don't care about any of that. never really have.
I saved her number. saved it so it could never be erased. Idk why. I just did. after she broke up with me. Idk why but I sit by the phone hoping she'd call. but I know if she did all we'd probably do is fight because I can't stand the thought of her moving on and nomatter what she says I'm going to be hurt by it.
I took Nick to see 9. It was ok. Really short and extremely predictable.
I bought a large bag of popcorn. it was huge, but I ate all of it. Most of it before the first half hour.
I like going to the Sylvan classes just because of the sense of freedom I get when driving there and back. I decide when I leave and I decide when I return. It's so wonderful. If gas wasn't so damned expensive I'd drive more.
I snapped at my mom today. she's been calling so much. always wants to know how Ryne is. have to tell her 20times that we broke up. then she's always so f*cking sorry that it happened and I just feel like "ya whatever" and killing myself.
more later...