continuing from before....
I just wish fall break would come so I could sleep for the whole damn week. but no I'm not allowed that. I'm not even allowed to stay in my own damn house because i'm too much of a damn punk for denise who's going to be the house sitter while my parents go on vacation. everybody goes on vacation. ******** people who's parents make a tenth of what mine do go on vacation, but me? I never go on vacation. the last time i went was down to florida with my mom's parents, back when i was 12. and did we go to disney? no, instead we went para sailing. I felt so extremely bored.
I'd ask Rachel out but she's a b***h and doesn't even notice I exist in Anatomy. Just concentrates on the a** of an ex she has. why do girls like asses? I still haven't figured that out. oh and they hate you when you try to be as perfect as possible and make some mistakes. Mistakes that an a** hole does daily.
I took a picture of me in my pink shirt... I can't decide whether or not to send it... I guess I won't... she's probably forgotten all about me by now... with that perfect boyfriend of hers.
Well I can't think of anything to say atm so i'm going to get a drink of water I'll be back in a bit.