ugh.... earlyer today i had a fight with my dad stare . I didnt argue back i just didnt do what he told me to do... gosh it seems me and him are getting on eachothers nerves lately you know neutral ? idk why and its getting me sad cuz he's saying stuff like i dont put him first and im selfish and all that jazz cry ... i really thought i knew who i was but now that my dad is saying this kind-a stuff about me, so i dont know Wat to think anymore and its getting me depressed emo ... i think its because of my dad gf mad ... she told him to tell me that i'm terrible to my dad and he disurves better but the thing is... I DO take care of him and i love him! grrrrr stupid Joan scream {she's my dads gf} GOD! i have enough work at school to deal with this its not fair but... im going to try to work on some stuff my dad says i do neutral ... *sighs heavily looks around sadly* so lets see wat happens from here shall we? *walks away* burning_eyes