Came across this big ish online
No friends no money absolutely nothin'
I'm a noob oh my
Got bored so I went and checked who was online
Got a bunch a friends now let's start it off
Damn there's a lot oh well cough cough [Wtf?]

L O L What a big a s s crowd
Well Oh Well look who I actually found
Evil bish chillin' there all hella loud
Said a couple words "I'm really rich!"
To find out later this girl was a true b i t c h
Two years later we best of friends
Months after Boyfriend, Girlfriend
Sooner or later it had to end there
A year later, man here we go again.

Babygirl sent a picture to me on Gaia [Really!?]
She fine and she thick way better then Halle Berry [Oh damn!]
We listened to kiss me through the phone & LOL smiley face
Wrote a couple poems and my love really starts here
Talking on Gaia telling me she love me
Talkin' 4:30 in da morning, all I can say is baby I’m horny
I met her Tuesday last year in Hollywood
Couple moments later I'm tellin' B that I think I'm in love
November 26, 2008 glad I wasn't really late
It was actually kinda early [Hurry up!]
Asked her to marry me
She said I do and now I'm what can we do
Divorce, yeah, I know, kinda scary
My love never stopped there
While she goes on her own I will always wait here

Friends like these got me thinking oh geez!
B, Channy, Leuers a tranny? [Jokes]
Kendall, Max, and a matter of fact
Don't forget the awesomeness and the wrath of the best one
Yes I'm talkin' bout Yazi
Man my life is crazy
So is she
She's one of my besties [Oh golly gee!]

I'm getting bored now let me cut this short
All the friends have now give me the best support
Even though I'm gonna have to say
I really do love you
Girl you know who you are I shouldn't really have to say
My Love Don't Stop
Is all that I could say
No matter what I want you to have a good day
This is just a little side note
I have a bunch of hope for the both of us