Making sure you don't forget, the chain dangles out from your pocket and shines in the glistening light of the moon.All has been planned well, the party has ended and the deeds have been done, and get home at precisely 2:26 A.M. with no further actions.
Once you unfold the locks of your door, you find many missing valuable objects removed. You have been robbed (or at least your parents, since you are supposed to be watching the house).
During the afternoon, you lie and say that you were unaware of the situation as it occurred. As time passes guilt builds. You tell the truth but not exactly what happened as for the following early morning you saw the robber and stood in hesitation. You didn't tell them about the party but you said you heard a slight annoyance by noise and racking. But you are punished for being figured for your chain still dangles...But not in moonlight, but in shine of the sun hot as white fire and you burn outside (which is the brutal way of punishment for your parents).