(Gun GUn Mini)

Mini One


"With a dream a goal and a big fat stack of money the Far East Studio was born led by there fearless leader the big cheese the head man the.." being cut off by a voice from behind him "OK! WE GET! IT! IM THE BOSS!." the narrator then cleared his throat "Sorry i was just trying to make you seem interesting we all know your not." the narrator shot back "Shutup and just say my name."

With an angered look on his face the narrator announced his name "Taiyo Takahashi" the narrator announced with a great sigh "Now then the staff members long time friends Helion the writer Mercutio the assistant writer and cant forget the slightly evil and scary Aura or Aftermath as we call her.....god you dont want to know why and the lovely yet equally scary daughter Alma.......i know what your thinking and yes fear and cant forget Taiyo lovely and sexy wife Yuki. These are the brave souls that make up this crappy staff not the best of the bunch but they sure as hell all we can afford.

"Hey boss man you have someone waiting in your office!!." Aura shouted "Wait....i do....." Taiyo sighed "Well lets see what the man wants hey put Alma on stand by." Taiyo quickly made his way into his office to see a young man sitting in the chair facing his desk. "So who might you be." Taiyo asked "I know what you did Taiyo i know all about what you did last summer." the strange man announced. "no....noo....it cant be....how do you know about ma taking that dare and running nude around tokyo pass the 109." Taiyo stood in shock to figure out has he finally been caught "What! no im here to ask for a job.

" Taiyo sighed in relief "Sorry we dont have any job opening at the moment." With a loud an demonic voice Aura yelled over the intercom "LIKE HELL WE DO WE HAVE A LOT OF OPENINGS!!!." Damn near pissing both there pants Taiyo replied back with fear in his voice "Like..wh..what." Leaping away from the intercom Aura replied "Well we do need a stock boy." Taiyo looked over at the young boy "It does pay 120$ a week." The young boy stood up and bowed "I will be back tomorrow to start oh by the way the name's Gau, Gau howling." Gau then turned an walked out the office through the front entrance "wow that went easy."

Taiyo said "Wait a minute DAMNIT AURA WHO TOLD YOU TO LISTEN IN!!!." Taiyo shouted "I DID DAMNIT NOW LOWER YOUR DAMN VOICE BEFORE YOU ******** WAKE ALMA!." Aura shot back "Y....yes...ma'am." Sitting in a nearby corner in his office shaking with fear Taiyo began rocking back and forth with his face in his lap. Thous ending a day in the life of a god damn boss RICKY ROSS! "What the ********." Aura responded "my fault...".... "******** idiot." Aura replied like i said thous ending a day oh screw it you get the point.

Writers Note: Eh i might mix it up and try to do one at the end of each chapter ya know just to keep my skills up.