Lol yes i have be doing some more digging into my favorit character of all time hehe and what i have been doing also proves that im obsesed with Super Buu xd (i'll say haha) hey! lol well damn it, its ture though ugh gonk ! lol ok so here's wat i found out that i either didnt know or didnt quite had prof of wat i was thinking lol injoy...
"One notable extension of his ability was the Human Extinction Attack which the Adult Majin Buu unleashed on the Human race after he grew bored of waiting for Gotenks."
I've notised that the websights i go to fail to reconize that one of Buu's original attacks was 'the human extinction attack'. Idk why though i mean it's such a huge and distructive attck! lol
" his original Kid Buu form which appeared to have been lost upon his transformation into other forms. This was the capacity to copy any ability by simply observing it. All it required was a single moment the enemy using this power and Kid Buu was capable of copying it and using it extensively."
You know when i read this, i was surpised! lol you'd think that watching dbz season 9 a million times i would have notised Kid Buu using the attacks of Goku and Vegeta without absorbing them... lol geez im slow hahaha
"Majin Buu (5 million years ago - May 8, 774) was one of the Z Warriors' most powerful and dangerous enemies."
Man!! wow this Dude is 5 million years old eek ?? God!!! lol i wouldnt say he seems old cuz he doesnt Look old right? i would wonder what his Actual age is insted of his age in human years.... uhhhh maybe like 30 something confused ? lol idk but i also thought that the Z warriors were the good guys! But if they're not then who ARE the good guys xd ?? lol
"Majin Buu has an increadable appitite for candy and sweets. Even in his adult form he became like a child as he gorged himself with cakes and pastries."
I still havent figured out how the Heck he could still be standing after stuffing himself full from over 26 cake shops whee ! i mean come onnn! I've always loved cake sence i was 5 everytime we'd go to a restraunt i'd always Always order cake at the end lol and i still do. But how could someone live on only sweets? I laugh when i watch "Mind Trap" and "Visions of Evil" cuz its funny how an adult, no matter how evil or old, could have such a love for candy and sugur rofl ! hahaha makes me like him more 4laugh
welll ok i should stop here before this gets TOO long lol i hope ppl will read this although i put this here for me too hehe biggrin