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Pointed ears.
In all seriousness though, Ze cut a decent figure. His ears were pierced twice, once low and once in he middle. His hair was long blonde and pale, and hung straight down from his head. His eyes were something special though. One was a deep green pool that seemed as if you were looking into the emerald dream. If you even knew what that was. Otherwise you just get a look of a dark emerald eye, with a constant twinkle of mischievousness in them. The other eye, his right, was black as a starless sky with a pupil that looked akin to a cooling coal.
His skin though was rather pale. But, it was an odd healthy looking pale, like someone who had naturally light skin, and not light and vitamin D depraved. Over his right eye sat a livid scar, made all the more noticeable by the pale skin about it. It had an odd quality about it, as it was smooth around the edges, instead of the regular puckerness you get around scars. His fingers were long, musician type ones. Flexible and spindly, but with a wiry strength about them. He habitually wore a billowy white shirt with a necktie that had a skull clasp. Under the front of the shirt was a small bulge, suggesting a pendent of some sort. His pants, were a dark, heavily pocketed affair, where he pulled a seemingly endless supply of trinkets and nicknacks as needed. Anything else was merely trivial. Anyone who could feel it, felt magic about a flask he carried about himself, though strongly suppressed. The guitar strapped to his back and his pants were another story altogether, they're a magical jumble. To top it all off, literally, he had a woolen black tuque pulled tightly upon his head, his ears sticking out from the sides. A hand rolled coffin nail usually isn't far from his hands or mouth either.
He does occasionally run a muck sans shirt or at least with it hanging open and unbutton. He has a pretty androgynous body, with a bit of toning. The main thing is he has a mass of scars over his heart. A long scar from the top right corner of his right pectoral to the bottom left corner of his left. As well as a large ragged circle scar on the left side of his stomach. On his back he has a tattoo, what looks like a talus with thorn vine running up and down it, each end of the vine has a small chain with a cross hanging off of it. Along with that tattoo, is a pair of scar just below his shoulders and slanted diagonally to follow his shoulder line.His clothes cover a number of random scars as well along his torso, back arms, legs .