Okay, so I haven't really been on the ball about writing journals lately... I guess because there's not really too much to write about normally, hehe. But it's been a while, so I've got a few things to write about maybe-ish.

So I've been back in school for a week or so now. Almost two now actually, I guess. Instead of going back to high school, I've had the pleasure of attending adult education at the community college, and a pleasure indeed it has been. The college atmosphere is so much more sophisticated and comforting then the edgy eat-or-be-eaten cruelty of high school. Not to mention the people seem generally nicer, and sure as hell no one judges you for being weird, which I undoubtedly am.

I'd like to make some friends, but I'm pretty shy. Not as shy as I ever was before of course, but my social awkwardness and paranoia is still hanging around despite my boost in confidence over the past year. This might be the year I crack it or not, idk.

I've seen some pretty cute guys around on campus. (Though still of course no one half as sexy as my beloved Axel) This just convinces me even more that what I really want is an older guy. I can't really work up the nerves to talk to any of them though and I'm not sure if I'm really looking for a relationship anyways. I've been pretty happy without having someone to worry about - though I guess I've been kinda lonely too. The lack of ahem, "contact" with the opposite gender has left me wanting badly, and for someone as sexually oriented as I, while simultaneously not being a slut, it's incredibly aggravating.

Oh, and my birthday is in one week from now! I'll be 19. Jesus christ on a tricycle. I'm growing up way too fast for my liking. One more year and I'll be 20! DO NOT WANT.

... I wonder if it's too late to run away to Neverland...

Anyways, looking forwards to that. Mostly because precisely 5 days after my birthday, 358/2 DAYS WILL BE MINE!!! Muwaha. Okay, so maybe it's not my birthday I'm looking forwards to? ... Who knows.

Oh delicious Kingdom Hearts. What a fun fandom you are. (Goes without saying since I've been so into it for this long, though I suppose I have Demyx to thank for that, along with my crazy, crazy love for Axel.)

Me (Marluxia!) Roxas (Chloe) and Demy (Ma-chan) are all going to see 9 this weekend! It'll be like a birthday thing before my birthday. In other words, my birthday thing with them. Since my two main factions of friends kinda dislike each other and won't have anything to do with one another. (In other words, those two, Larxene and Lex, and this includes the people in that specific circle though they themselves aren't involved... or ... this is all kinda one-sided, honestly. Oh, Larx.)

Anyways, that's all for now, I guess! -can't think of anything else to talk about-
Until next time! (My birthday maybe?)