Vivir Para Amar:::::Live For Love
Love is the reason we are alive. without love we are nothing.

My name is Jimi Joe Honeycutt, i was born in Wayne, Michigan. My birthday is November 20,1990

My whole life i had no father figure, i had nothing to go on and noone to teach me any of the things other guys my age might know and noone to toss the football around with me. There was no man of the house to teach me how to fix a car or to help me with my homework. there was noone to teach me how to treat women and how to know what they want and how to respect them.
I had to learn all these things on my own and thats why i am the person i am today.

I still know little about cars, i can throw a football pretty damn good lol, I love kids and cant wait to have my own.(yes i know i kinda talk like an older man but i cant help but to cherish all the good times along with the bad.. kinda wierd talking like this since age 16) smile ,i like to workout every now and again doing 100 Bicycyle situps,then 50 regular situps followed by 30-50 pushups which i then end with planks for 60 seconds.(thats a light workout for when im bored XD) I like think i know more about women then other guys nowadays but i still find you girls very unpredictable.(thats always fun) I do write poetry but only when i have the heart to write them.(whole or broken...) I have found that i dont hesitate anymore and im no longer shy when it comes to finding love. My policy is if its love find out by all means necassary. I wont write much mroe on this becuase it would take a long long time and alot of space. maybe ill write a book XD

Some things i want out of life are this...
To have my name known
To not ever be forgotten
To hold my girl on high and treat her like a vip everyday (and why not shes going to be the most important person in my life ever. i was asked a couple times by Karla,shes my ex, and by kim,another ex, they both asked this question: If i were having a baby and things got complicated you had to make the decision for who you wanted to save who would it be? i answered that it would be you. i said this becuase i loved them. i would always choose the girl over the baby in that position. but dont judge me on that please)

A couple years back i had a wonderful person with me named Kat,she passed away...
She brought me just so much joy and we used to talk about everything.
what our kids would look like. our dog. our house... you know that kinda thing. we would talk about our wedding and who would be there and what music we would have as she walked down the aisle( i kept saying play billy idol white wedding lol) we talked about this becuase she wanted to talk about this stuff. and i enjoyed every second of it. we met at jackson High and we used to skip classes just to follow the train tracks in jackson to alittle secluded wooded area just to be with each other. that is what love is... i miss her and would gladly give my life to keep hers going. Kat started to have headaches and her face just had so much pain in it and it hurt me seeing her like that and not being able to do anything. soon enough she was taken to a hospital and was there for awhile while the hospital tried to figure out what was wrong with her. i used the school bus to get to school and then i walked all the way from school to the hospital. i tried to be there at all times with her hopeing that her head would start to feel better and that we could go back to the way things were before. When they told us what was wrong with kat it was bad. she died a few days later from a brain tumor with me right there at her side and i get pissed thinking how thre was nothign i could do to save her. The day she died i began a descent from any kind of feeling of warmth and hope. now i have made it to this point, a point were i have slowly started to becoming a cold hollow shell of a man.

if the things i have written dont make sense its becuase they arnt meant to be read, just written. i needed to write a little of something to get i off my shoulders and to make an attempt at reclaiming my former self.the stuff i have said in this post is incomplete and not whole. i havnt written everything down becuase i didnt feel i needed to.

I have been diing slowly for a while now but one girl name Lila has kept me giong. Lila is my ex and now Most valued person in the world to me. she is the thing that has kept me feeling and has tried to keep me from becoming just another dead shell of my former self. i thank Lila for everything and im glad to say that she is my friend.

To those that have read this and can kinda relate i am sorry for you but at the same time i am glad. your survivors of harships that would otherwise kill others. not necessarily kill others as in death of life but killing there personalitly and love for the world making them cold.

i will now post this and i must say at the end of writing this post i have found that i feel so good and i feel like a great burden has just be lifted from my shoulders.
If you feel down and dead try to write down whatever is on your mind even if it doesnt make sense to others. as i said these arnt meant to be read although they could be read which is good. but this little about me post is really good for the soul.

illl stop writing now. im feeling great and i can smile again. Just remember that you always have at least one gaurdian angel. for me... It's Lila.