[Do note this took me exactly 3 hours to write]

5/13/2009: that day...after taking the last test from Finals at Tarrant County College, after turning in my exam I ran out of the building estatic: ******** YES I AM READY FOR THE SUMMER OF 2009. And with that my summer had begun. I said my goodbyes, checked ym grades for the sping semester one last time. And went home to get ready for whatever the summer had to throw at me.

Well of course what better way to start off the summer by attending a rave courtesy of Afterlife Dallas; I decided to go to Afterlife on a regular friday night....I didn't quite enjoy it, for I got cockbloked by some darkly "goth" chick named scarlett and I got stalked hxc. But I wasn't gonna let that night stop me. During the 2nd half of May it consisted working at Burlington Coat Factory and hanging out with my bestie saruhface and making YouTube Videos with my awesome 59.99 digital camera. So many good memories to come...or so I thought

Sadly my mom went against my will and signed me up for summer classes WITHOUT my knowlegde...and in doing so this caused alot of stress on me, for I now had to waste money to get to and from school, she also took a ******** of my schoolmoney for herself and knowing this I was super pissed; however I was not going to let this stop me from enjoying my summer despite the fact that I had to cram on my vacation.

But before I get on to the story of where I am now, lets get back to May. So saruh called me up and suggested that we attend Akon 2009 and this rave party known as "The Life Aquatic" @ Afterlife. So we took the train to Dallas and first went to Akon; it was a otaku's fanboy/fangirl dream come true. So while we waited for our friends to pick us up and go to the huge rave party 2 afterlife(convention raves suck hxc), we saw friends from High School, met new people, and bought nifty items.

2 hours later we were at afterlife as usual, I met up with the usual people and I met this tall raver known at "Enjoi" and this funny and somewhat handsome guy known as "everydai". So as usual we danced to the rythm of the plurtastic beats courtesy of the deejays and what not. And it was there I met this girl by the name of "Pixie". She seemed different, she wasn't like these e-twats that was on the dance floor...she seemed "special". Well being the awesome 19 year old kid known as TONY PHANTOM we got acquainted with each other(made out, introduced each other, traded kandi, all that generic crap).

After attending after partys and what not I went home, for I had to work the next day. All I could think about on my mind was that girl and life on the dance floor. It was like a midnite's summer dream and most of my college buddies say me as the naive eccentric raver guy but I didn't give one ********.

Well despite the fact that I only got 4 hours of sleep from studying for classes I knew I wasn't gonna pass I enjoyed my summer, for my friend/future bandmate Tre was trying to raise money to go on a mission trip. I suggested "why not throw a rave party"? liking this idea he decided to throw one at a skating rink in Lake Worth, he titled it "eskimo pie". Fast-Forwarding to June 6 of 2009 I arrive at the place and of course I helped myself to arcade games like "Marvel vs. Capcom" and etc....I was happy to met up with my friend from myspace. Her name was Renee. Being the myspace whore I was back then we were finally happy to met up irl at a place like this. I also finally met Tre's current gf who called herself "Phobia" She was kinda exictied to meet me seeing how she wanted to beat me up for "stealing her man haha".

While I am here I noticed renee's friend kayla Had kept checking me out/admiring em and my awesome babycakes shirt. So we mingled and what not. To make a long story short we danced, we skated, I met new people and it was good. After saying my goodbyes I went home to a very bad headache and cold and a bitching mother who kept saying my life was going nowhere. While I was sleepiing I dreamed this very pleasnt dream(refer to blog titled "Dreams and the awkard things that come with them" wink

While still suffering from lack of sleep from coerced summer school I had a final project from Modern Dance Class. Our project was to go to an outside performance and write a paper on it. While I was at Eskimo Pie I recalled a flyer advertising a massive rave in Austin called"Future Fest". Me and my old high school acquaintce/newfound frined Adrian had been talking about Future Fest since late April and of course I decided to make this my outside event. Of course I got slapped with a "your fired" from Burlington Coat Factory due to some co-worker's jealousy. Despite the fact I got screwed over by them I wasn't gonna let that stop me from attending Future Fest, so I was forced...er I mean enouraged by my mom to donate plasma to get money from FF. I was also able to convince my TCC/gaming center buddy Allison to go. I tried to get a friend of mine to go but he was like "eww raves for for emo/scene kids who run away from their problems". Pushing his usual negavity aside I went home to get prepared

So after using my body for Future Fest money we headed to Austin. I saw my friend Pixie from The Life Aquatic. But she was sad for some reason, a guy had dumped her for another person. Being Dr. Phil I said hi and gave her some comforting words and got in line. After waiting 2 hours to give the guy our tickets we walked in to 10,000 people.

This is also the first time I tried ecstasy, I thought about doing it but I was scared, but after constant annoying people bragging about "tripping balls" I said to myself "ah ******** it let me see what the whole fuss is about". So after consuming 1.5 of the s**t(I watched some guy sort it via nose and I was like o_0??? so I ate it with a snickers bar).

During the enitre massive I met my gaia buddy Darious or "chocol8 suprise" and ran into some people from TCC. I also enountered usual afterlife friends and old high school friends and people from the defunct Gaming Center. Of course I met brand new people and while I was roaming around I ran into my friend/Youtube buddy/person who I have secret interest in lol Anna(I met her at TCC back in February). we were talking about how the people who watched our videos like adored us and what not, this is when the happy pills kicked in and I felt some sense of "euphoria(no kiddies I am not a drug addict so don't flame me for "taking drugs haha" wink Knowing this I ran into a guy who, like me was in JROTC while he was in high school. Of course he was in the Army and was on a 1 month vacation; while we were tripping balls he offered me the best advice about life, we discussed from things to politics to raves to Obama, etc...I met someone who was in the same position as I was.

During the rest of the masive I ran into pixie, she seemed out of it, and she was in a bad mood due to her "being ******** over by a guy", after parting ways I went on to enjoy Future Fest.

If I was in the prime of my life, then Future Fest was me at its peak of my life

While I was still on x I was listening to ATB's set. And then all of the sudden i had just layed on the floor, I though about life, the future of the TCC Gaming Club [me and alex resurrected the student club when I came as freshman] and if me retiring and handing the power over to Paul was the right thing to do? thoughts likes these surfaced my head the entire night. And I asked allison(she was a member of the Gaming club) "Did I do a good job as Gaming Club President, I jus?t wanted to give all the people that used to go to The Gaming Center a save haven" and of course she was like :3. I believe by Allison being there I felt a mysterious sense of security. I also ran into my old high school spanish clasmate Shelby and I asked her if everyone @ southwest hated me, she too also gave me words of confort(this is the part where I was "coming down" wink

After Future Fest was finally over(hotel parties, sleeping next to shanon, meeting midget and cory t. for the first time) I went home and wrote my school paper on Future Fest. I left out the part where I did ex b.c. I didn't want to fail that class haha. Also me and Tre had formed this 8-bit chiptune/happy hardcore group known as PK Starstorm(www.myspace.com/itspkstarstorm) b.c. me and him had the same musical taste.

After the summer semester part 1 was over I had faced the reality that I had failed philoshophy due to lack of sleep and a 1.0 GPA, knowing this I got bitched out by my mom hxc about "my life" and how I was ruining it when in face she went against my will" So I was kicked out b.c. I told her that the only reason I am here is b.c. you just use me for money. This is where Renee comes in. Before Future Fest Me and Renee would talk about how my mom would constantly control my life and my school money and she kept offering me a place to stay if such an event such as me getting kicked out would occur, I was under the facade that things would get better. Well they got worse. The odd thing about me moving in with Renee was the face that Her and Tre had broken up, and by me moving in with her would make things kinda awkward, but it was either that or homeless....I took the easy was out...or so it seemed.

When I moved in with Renee I told her that I was gonna find a job asap and help around the house. Idk why Renee was estatic about me moving in with her...was it to get back at Tre for him breaking up with her? to make me spill false info about brittney? to get back @ kayla for the arguement they had? While I was living in weatherford Renee would tell me disturbing stories about how she would cheat on Tre behind his back so many times and how she left him for some fugly guy, steal Kayla's things, and spread a very false rumor about Kayla having an STD. But I was far more focused on getting a job so I can move out instead of some personal vendetta.

Of course I had went looking for a job and I had succeded in getting hired @ whataburger. But sadly my stay in Weatherford was soon to come to an end, for Renee was kicked out of her place by her mom(will explain later). So I called up my buddy Batou and told him my situation. So I moved in with him for the time being and the guy that kept labeling ravers as "tards" was there....I am going to call him Mr. Negative.

Well he was my roomie and the night I came he didn't exactly give me the pleasants of "welcome back to fort worth", for he had problems of his own. But I just ignored him and what not. I was still trying to figure out how I was gonna get to school(I was still enrolled in classes when i I got kicked out) but no one was willing to give me a ride.

Well while I was at future fest I purcased a presale for this event called "Summer Solstice". Wanting to get away from Mr. Negative's bad vibe for a while I spent the night at my friend Polarbear's house. While I was spending the night he would tell tales of how he invited these two chicks over and had a threesome. I must admit idk if they were true of not but they kinda made me laugh and forget about the bad vibe I got back at batou's place for a while(Mr, Negative was kinda of a douche about the way I dressed, our band being a "haven for loser emo and scene kids and what not), I thought "Hmm summer solstice should be my getaway, but I was in for a Rude Awakeing.

Fast-Forwarding to July 25, 2009 We all arrived @ Summer Solstice, and this nite was the very last time I taked to Pixie, While I tried to say HI as usual her mood was very cold, all she said was "I'm sorry hunnie I am seeing someone" I was like "o_0???...so apparenty saying hi is a crime now", ignoring the bad vide I went in and as usual I tried to have fun but my friend did something that got him kicked out, Seeing how I was in the bathroom at time I was unaware that he left. Not letting me stop this I noticed that Summer Solstice had this sprt of "epic fail vibe" there was no where to dance, the music was very uncatchy, and most of the people there were douches, noticing this me, tre(I ran into him), jessica went to Afterlife(you got in free after a certain time). Before I left I accidently bumped into pixie but when I tried to aplogize to her she just shoved me away and was like "get the hell out of my way". Semi-Ignoring this I left and while we were in the car Renee kept blowing up Tre's phone about how he left her for some "whiny clingy girl". Being super-drunk I took the phone from tre and told renee off for the evil s**t that she did and hung up the phone. I got a look of "omg tony you are a macho man" from tre and even jessica herself seemed impressed.

That moment was on my mind the entire night. I had called pixie and tried to "aplogize for my actions" But instead of a "its ok tony" this is what I got:

Look dude I don't have time for this s**t, you are the reason that guy left me, I really liked him but you came and he lost interest in me, all you are doing is stressing me out, do me a favor and lose my number, I never wanna see you again you e-tard piece of s**t"

Now normally if I wasn't beyond wasted I would said "well ******** you too you 23 yeard old c**k-dependent hag" But seeing how I was intoxicated I was heartbroken, her words cut though me like a knife through paper. Given the threat I recieved from some chick named "Moose", made my night VERY bad. While I was in the bathroom of Afterlife I had thought about killing myself there, and I almost did, but something inside me gave me the will to live, something gave me the will to stand up and enjoy the nighte. Something gave me the will the give Moose the finger although her back was turned lol

After getting home I posted my entire night on myspace, of course Mr. Negavtive was like "dude you are b***h dependent". As cruel as he sounded he was true. A night of smash bros made my night feel better

During the Summer of August It was REALLY HARD to find a job in Fort Worth, Every day I would go in a suit and and apply at EVERYPLACE. I even tried albertsons but was shot down badly.

During the near end of the summer I met this girl named Amelia, she like me had a lot in common, she was mistreated in High School and she was VERY intelligent and she took epic photos. She made drunken irish men look like sissies. So one night she invited me to a Rocky Horror show; and I must say I enjoyed my first rocky show, It was a getatwat from the recent drama @ afterlife. During this time I reunited with my old high school buddy Jared Kelly. He was new in the EDM scene, so we became best friends and we would boast on our stories about chicks and techno and what not. And even though we didn't get to go to a rave one night(he is currently getting a state Id) he taught me about things I didn't know about myself.

Well the summer was about to come to an end, despite my best efforts to find a job, Batou's patience ahd finally ran out, ten days I had to find a new place to stay. Knowing this I told Jared about my situation, so he talked to his manager about me getting a job and with the help of him I was about to get a job, unfortantely it was not enough for my old roomates so i had to move out.

Feeling at loss with the people I once called friends I posted FML-like bulletins and one blog, some people said words of healing and some tough but healing love advice, others just pointed fingers at me without washing their hands...aka hyporcites. I had temporaily moved back in my mom but old bitter feelings resurfaced and I had made a decision to move to Hurst. It wasn't as far as I expected but I was glad to be out fail worth.

But seeing how summer wasn't over I decided to end my summer by going to this rave event known as "Invasion of the Kandikids II" Seeing how my buddy tre got boooked to DJ there I used the money from my paycheck to pay bills and get in(It was actually 5 dollars). And it was there that I forgot about all the bad things about the summer(from getting put of academic suspension, not going to Divas and Anime fest due to lack of a ride, moving frmo place to place, pixie's BS, Mr. Negative's bs, etc...) And as usual I met unique people including this hot furry lady and this very hawt lady...bot of them I sucked face with. That rave made me realize that there is still good in this city...just not alot of it.

So yes even though I mad my twist's and turns this entire summer, It was the best summer I ever experienced, If I could I'd relive it all over again. And seeinf how this was my last summer as a teenager I believe I accomplised ALOT this summer. And as i kick off Autumn/Fall I will always look back at this time as "A midnight's Summer Dream in the eyes of Tony Phantom. One thing I do regret is not beaing to experience a summer romance like I did in summer 2008 when I was 18.

And with this I end my summer of 2009

~Tony Phantom