Fourth is pretty much the exact opposite of BlackMatter... sorta.
[Kutzu has met the mysterious life form, Fourth. He has learned that this creature is, in actuality, Chris. Limitless joy filled Kutzu's heart, as well as Fourth's... They continue on their way with a positive burst of happiness.]
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(Fourth - Kutzu)
-Castle Blossom.-
[Kutzu and Fourth land upon the castle grounds, feeling energized with joy. Kutzu can't help but jump at Fourth and hug him again.]
Fourth: [Laughs heartily and hugs Kutzu back.] It's awesome to see you again!
Kutzu: [Giggles.] You too!! Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you're here again...
Fourth: Heh. [Scans the castle...] So this is F. Outpostia?
Kutzu: The new and improved F. Outpostia! Castle Blossom... Isn't it amazing!?
Fourth: You built this in four years? Yeah! I'd think so.
[At this moment, a black and purple vortex pops virtually out of nowhere in front of the large, decorated doors. From it, the Mistress of Venus, Lea.]
Lea: Why hello, dear... It is nice to see that you have returned, and with... Hm, I cannot say I have seen such a being yet...
Kutzu: [Let's go of Fourth and drop to the ground.] Lea... I don't know the story of Darkness in it's recent years... I totally don't know the story of Chris' journey with you guys either, but you must've bonded with him, right?
Lea: ...[Closes her eyes and looks away.] D-dear... Why do you have to speak of such things...? Of course I bonded with him... He was... my brother...
Fourth: ...Lea...? Is that really you? Sheesh, you've all changed so much!
Lea: [Opens her eyes and looks at Fourth.] Hmm...? What... did you say?
Fourth: You've changed. It's been years... Four, to be exact. Heheh.
Lea: [Drops her staff, speechless.] You... You're back...
Fourth: That's right...
Lea: ...[She picks her staff back up and sighs dejectedly.] Naught said to me, "Any who interfere with our path must be exiled..." Why did you have return? You... You are now, once again, the biggest threat to us...
Fourth: Huh!? What're you talking about!?
Lea: I respected you, Chris, but you left us... Darkness was destroyed... However, soon after your "death", we began developing a plan... A plan that would never have been possible with you in existence... Four years later, we are ready to unleash despair, and the irony of you returning... is sickening. It hurts me... but we are Darkness. We are merciless. We are chaos. We are Perfect... [She points her staff at Fourth and Kutzu. The pink gem pulses green.]
Fourth: ...So... four years later, you've forgotten the bond that we shared...
Lea: That bond has been broken... Do not expect the others to appreciate you any longer. To evil, to Darkness, you are an enemy once again. [After these words, a spiraling, funnel shaped beam bursts from the staff.]
Fourth: [He is blown far back by the peculiar beam. Lea, having dominance over the wind element, has managed to alter the power within her weapon just as well. Fourth recovers in midair. Kutzu, too, is blown back after Fourth, who catches him as gently as he can]
Kuztu: Ahh--!! [Caught.] Huh? [Looks up at Fourth and smiles. He smiles back. Kutzu glances at Lea.] What're you doing!?
Lea: What I must... [She calls the demon-like Nightmares to her side.] I am going to finish you here. Both of you... [She points her staff at the twp, signaling the Nightmares to attack. They do so...]
Fourth: [Lets go of Kutzu.] Get back!! [Shields him with one arm. He flings the other forward. His hand forms into the crystal shape. It illuminates... A thick, bright blue stream of energy fires forth, practically deleting the Nightmares from being as it makes contact with them. The stream only fires this far; not beyond the attacking Nightmares... Within seconds, it is finished.]
Kutzu: That was... [Looks to Fourth.] That was like, fast.
Lea: ...Maybe you have become stronger... Chris... This is but the beginning. [Turns around.] Darkness is unbroken. [She vanishes in the very same type of portal she appeared from.]
[Fourth and Kutzu stand speechless, staring at the now empty spot...]
Fourth: I've been away for that long... And so has Darkness.
Kutzu: It totally can't be coincidence that you'd return just as they did...
Fourth: Then again... maybe it can be...
[The two stare at each other, confused... They hear something not too far off in the distance, and look that way... The Fairies have returned early from battle due to the explosion.]
Kutzu: I thought they might come back soon.
Fourth: Is that the Feminine?
Kutzu: Mhmm, yep... Oh shoot!
Foruth: What? What's wrong?
Kutzu: I gotta check on the others inside! They could be hurt! [Rushes to the castle doors and pulls one by the large handle. He quickly flies inside and scans the main hall. There are a few Fairy castle guards stunned and shaken by Darkness' sudden appearance.] Is everyone okay!?
Fairy Guard: Kutzu! It's Lea! Lea's back!
Kutzu: I know, I know! She just left... But it totally looks like she made her point. No one's hurt, right?
Fairy Guard: N-no, I don't think so... We are all being held hostage by these creepy pitch black thingies... They just vanished though...
Kutzu: So Darkness left. That's a relief...
Fairy Guard: Is the main force returning already?
Kutzu: They're on their way.
Fourth: [Enters the main hall.] Is everything alright in here?
Fairy Guard: Whoa... Kutzu, who in the world is this?
Kutzu: Tee-hee~! That's a surprise!
Fourth: [Chuckles.]
[A few moments later, the army arrives on the Castle grounds. They halt their advance to maintain an orderly entrance. It obviously gets crowded with thousands of soldiers... The Castle doors, though large, can only support so many Sorenians through it at one time. The first to enter are the royal elites. They are five Fairies, one being Princess Susie, who is first through. She seems depressed, until she spots Kutzu. The other four who enter after her are Helena, Ressa, Mimi, and Lythrie.]

~Helena~ [Susie's trusted guardian. she has a very mage-like appearance to her. She is wearing a jeweled tiara, purple dress with realistic daisies sewn into the waist-line of the dress. It proceeds to the ground, covering her feet, also concealing her wings. Her features are tiger-like, and her fur is scarlet. Her hair is wavy and brown with an array of purple streaks. Her eyes are also dark purple.]

~Ressa~ [Captain of the Winged Dancer Order. She is wearing an ornate, decorated casaque, a tiara with a red rose, pink bangles, magenta thin skirt with lighter stripes, and ballet shoes. Her attire is fancier than that of the other dancers. Her hair is brownish red, covering a small portion of her face. The rest comes down straight. She is a light purple jackal Sorenian.]

~Mimi~ [Captain of the Glitter Trance Order {Kutzu's group.}. Mimi is a pale maroon unicorn Sorenian. She is luminous with sparkling attire: a light crimson sleeveless doublet and decorative free-form skirt, which matches the doublet in color. Additionally, she is wearing light red heeled ballet shoes.. She possesses two Alchemy Gloves that are dark red. Her hair is a dark, reddish brown. It is wavy. Her eyes are deep purple.]

~Lythrie~ [Captain of the Crystalline Sunflower Order, the most unique order in the entire army. She is a pale yellow {unusual for a Fairy} species-unknown Sorenian. {To you and I, this would be considered a Pikachu Sorenian. Yes. I have gone that far.} Lythrie is very new to the Fairies. It is rumored she is from the Animine, or possibly a different planet. Her attire consists of a scarlet harness and the same colored leggings. This color matches the peculiar rings on her cheeks. {This is where electricity can be released.} A small beam-trident is starpped to her back. Her hair is dark brown, matching the stripes on her back and the darker part of her bolt-shaped tail, and it is curly. Her eyes are scarlet.]

Susie: Kutzu!! Gracious, we thought you were neutralized!!
Kutzu: [Performs a courtesy.] My sincerest apologies, Princess Susie...
Helena: [English accent.] My goodness, where have you been?
Kutzu: It's... It's totally unbelievable! I retreated from battle after that giant explosion to check Castle Blossom, and Darkness was here!
Susie, Helena, Ressa ,& Mimi: What!?
[Lythrie is silent.]
Susie: Gracious, are you being honest with us!?
Kutzu: Totally! It was Lea! I'm not sure what she was up to, but like, Darkness wasn't the cause of the explosion.
Helena: Oh? What could have been then?
[Kutzu looks at Fourth and smiles.]
Fourth: [Smiles back at Kutzu.]
Susie: [Examines Fourth.] Would you be one of the Phaze Guardians? You resemble them in a slight way...
Fourth: (So this is Susie!? She's grown...) Phaze Guardian? Not exactly. [His smile becomes a smirk.]
Susie: Were you... the source of that eruption!?
Fourth: Sadly, yeah... I was. [Sulks...] My bad...
Helena: You had better have a good excuse for this.
Ressa: Do you know just how dangerous something like that is!? Obviously not!
Susie: So you must have blown my meadows to smithereens... [Lowers her head.]
Kutzu: But, Princess! It wasn't his f--
Susie: Hush, Kutzu. I do not want to hear from you. You should have asked for my permission to leave the battlefield...
Kutzu: Erm... My apologies, Princess... [Bows.]
Susie: As for you... [Raises her head, looking at Fourth... She suddenly realizes the striking confidence in his face.] ...You had best be prepared to pay a nasty compensation, lest you have an excuse worth more than the precious meadow you destroyed...
Fourth: ...Remember back a few year ago? There was this teenager who helped you three defeat Naught once. Eventually, this guy turned evil but still respected you, then he was never heard from again...
Susie: ...What about Chris...?
Fourth: Oh yeah, that's the one. well, Chris is here! In fact he's very nearby! Turn around...
Susie: Um... Okay...? [She does as instructed. Kutzu giggles.]
Fourth: [Walks closer to her, the others eying him closely for any tricks.] Turn around again...
Susie: [She turns around, facing Fourth.] Hm?
Fourth: Look! You found Chris!
[The Fairies in the room are shocked; too much to fly.]
Lythrie: [Turns away...]
Mimi: You're the Believer!!
Ressa: I've heard of you!
Helena: Chris...?
Susie: G-gracious... You... Kutzu, is this... really... [Looks down again, self-conscious of her expression.]
Kutzu: Mmmm-hmm!
Fourth: Susie...
Susie: [Looks up to Fourth.]
Fourth: I was unconscious that entire trip, and practically flung from the heavens... [Kneels to her level.] But I will do whatever you want to make up for it.
Susie: You have already done that... You came back... [Lunges at Fourth, hugging him tightly.] us...
Fourth: [Hugs her back.] Of course... I missed you all too much...
[A reunion follows... Fourth greets the Fairy army with responses filled with glee. It takes about a half hour for the army to enter the Castle. Even then, the Castle is roomy. The interior is extremely capacious, able to hundreds of thousands of Sorenians. It is an engineering feat on the Fairies' part.]
[Kutzu steps outside for fresh air. Princess Susie and Fourth join him... Though they are soon interrupted by an unexpected appearance of a Dragon. One high-positioned elite flies toward them with little lax. Kutzu hops to his feet and readies himself, while Susie remains relaxed. Fourth is inquisitive.]

~Guaine~ [General of the Shivan Salamander Division. He is, literally, a dragon Sorenian.His horns are small and curve slightly forward.. His body color is deep blue. Guaine wears a silver padded harness and padded leggings. He is currently unarmed. Spines run down the back and sides of his head. His hair is very short in the back and front, with the exception of one strand that falls down the side of his face.. His eyes are crimson.]

Guaine: [Brings himself to the ground after stopping about six feet in front of Kutzu. He nearly doubles over, robbed of breath.]
Kutzu: Guaine of the Shivan Division, you're unarmed... Why're you here?
Guaine: [Looks up at Kutzu. He spots Susie, too.] Kutzu... Susie... Fairies, hear me out for a second... Not long after that conflict, cut short by that explosion, we... there was this Sorenian hiding in our base of operations...
Susie: Would you be more specific? Gracious!
Guaine: [Growls. He barks out at Susie.] Darkness is back!!
Kutzu: Um, Princess!? [Turns to Susie.] That means Lea might still be here!
Guaine: No... No, it wasn't her. This Sorenian was Masculine.
Susie, Kutzu, & Fourth: [Simultaneously look at Guaine.] What!!??
Guaine: I heard him say his name... It was something along the lines of Hommay.
Susie: Hommay... I believe I've heard the name somewhere.
Kutzu: That's right. A long time ago, those two heroes, Leone and Rehp, mentioned that name. Hommay.
Guaine: The guy commanded these... pitch black devil things. Turns out we're useless against them, so... we're screwed! That is, unless you can help us...
Fourth: I can help you. Darkness... is my enemy.
Kutzu: If he's going, then so am I!
Susie: I do wish I could go, but... I am the Princess, after all. I must tend to the duties I am trusted with.
Fourth: Understood. [Nods.] Then let's make this quick. Lead the way, Guaine.
Guaine: Can do.
[Kutzu and Guaine take flight while Fourth decides to run instead of fly. Their destination, Savage HQ.]
--To Be Continued...-
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