Happy 9-9-09! If your favorite number is nine, today you are in luck!

In many religions nine is considered a number that reflects completeness. Important Buddhist rituals usually require the use of nine monks. In Norse mythology Odin hung himself for nine days in an ash tree in order to learn the runes. In some south Asian countries the number is said to represent men who are womanly or who act womanly. In Japan the word for nine sounds like the word for pain or distress therefor nine is considered an unlucky number. The Pythagorean also thought nine was unlucky since it was one short of their perfect number, the number 10. In Christianity there are nine choirs of angels and nine gifts of the spirit.

In China the word for the number nine sounds like the word for long lasting therefor it is considered a good number. It number is also strongly associated with the Chinese dragon, a symbol of magic and power. Since the number is also a symbol of the emperor the number nine can be found in ornaments in the forbidden city. The ninth day of the Chinese new year is considered the birthday of the jade emperor.