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[A mushroom cloud ascends to the sky... It is not smoke-gray, but whiter... Kutzu has fled from the battle, concerned about Castle Blossom. Little does he or any of those battling upon Starfall Plains know of what is to come for their beloved castle... Or of their beloved planet...
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-Fairytale Fields.-
[The surroundings are lush, with flowers of all sorts, ranging from average to exotic... Kutzu rests his wings, setting down on the flowery ground. He gazes ahead... a black aura is visible around the precious home to him, Castle Blossom... The gloomy fog looks as if it were expanding...]
Kutzu: [In shock.] ...This isn't happening... [Looks to the gray smoke, which is actually miles from the castle...] That's the Meadow... And the castle... [Turns back to the castle.] ...
[Sorenian animals {called primitives} normally pass through these fields with no intent on harming Sorenians. Now, however, they have been agitated by the very recent mayhem, and are on a thoughtless rampage. Three gray furred chucklehounds, which are similar to Earth's hyenas except much smaller, dash at Kutzu with the silence of a mouse and the speed of a panther. Despite this, Kutzu himself is part animal, "primitive" in this case, and hears the swift approach. He rockets into the air by instinct, each of the chucklehounds missing utterly.]
Kutzu: What's your problems!?
[The hounds look up at Kutzu and laugh viciously. They jump at him, though they miss by far. Kutzu swerves through the air, avoiding them.]
Kutzu: I totally don't have the time for you! [He raises an arm into the air. The blue glove over his paw brightens and becomes a whip-like weapon, Kutzu's specialty. {Kutzu's rare piece of equipment is called the Alchemy Glove. It is a prototype in Fairy technology which Kutzu has mastered the use of. Within his possession, this is very well the most dangerous weapon of the Fairies.}] I don't know what your deal is, but you are so in my way, fellas! [He swings the glowing whip at the chucklehounds, who are too slow to avoid him. They are whip-lashed with ease and fall to the ground, incapable of rising... {Neutralization only affects Sorenians, whilst the aftermath is the only effect on primitives, and that is temporary paralyzation of the nervous system.] And that's that. [Kutzu looks to the castle and flies off with the glowing whip active, prepared for a nasty brawl...]
-Castle Blossom Grounds.-
[The fog has become more dense, darkening the area to a point where one may mistake day for night. Kutzu glances up at the castle he can no longer recognize... already...]
Kutzu: Who is doing this...? Who could do this...?
[At this questioning moment, Darkness shows itself to an Eclipse for the first time in four years... Four Nightmares in all directions around Kutzu. They are the common type: black demons with eyeless faces... Kutzu is frightened. He stumbles backwards, falling on his bottom.] Wh-who are you!? What are you!?
[They do not speak. They close in on the now-defenseless Kutzu.]
Kutzu: [His ears fall flat against his skull and he closes his eyes.] P-please stop!!!
Lea: [From above.] Stop it, you imbeciles!!
[The Nightmares back away slowly, obeying Lea's call.]
Kutzu: ...[Opens his eyes...] Hmm? [He looks upward, spotting Lea floating overhead with her staff held tightly... All Kutzu can do is gasp and cover his mouth. The Alchemy Glove has returned to its dormant state.]
Lea: Hmhmhmhmhmm... [She plants her feet on the brick ground, a few feet from Kutzu. She is taller than Kutzu by about 2 inches...] You must be aghast with all sorts of mixed feelings...
Kutzu: [His paws drop very slowly.] ...Lea...
Lea: None other... You have changed, dear...
Kutzu: ...You can still recognize me...
Lea: Of course I can, Kutzu... I know you very well. Why, there could not be another Eclipse whom I know more about.
Kutzu: What are you up to...? Why is Darkness here? I thought you were all defeated years ago...
Lea: Darkness will never be defeated, dear. We are eternal. We are immortal. We are Perfect.
Kutzu: Lea... Why are you doing this to our home...? It's not even like the old Darkness to come and wreck an Ecliptic world...
Lea: Times have changed. [Turns her head away.] Old faces have left us... [Turns back.] Listen, dear. I will do no harm to you... if you agree to this: ... [She gestures an unidentified signal. The Nightmares disperse...] I am very certain you are tense. You are aware.
Kutzu: Aware? Of What!? I wasn't aware of Darkness, no way!!
Lea: Quite a shocker for you, no? Hmhm... Dear, that is not my point. You are most certainly aware of the enormity that occurred within the meadows? The blue blast?
Kutzu: The explosion... I thought it was much closer to Castle Blossom... I was totally wrong.
Lea: Be a dear and go to the meadows for me, would you?
Kutzu: [He stands, brushing himself off.] Why should I do anything for you...?
Lea: Because if you go, Darkness will leave Soren.
Kutzu: Hmm... Lea, why does this concern you exactly...?
Lea: Such phenomena, you do not see every day. Darkness simply lusts for these otherworldly things to happen...
Kutzu: So, that means you had nothing to do with it...?
Lea: Hmhm, oh Kutzu, dear... You still have much to learn about the Overlord of Misery... We do not simply come and "blow up" a chunk of the planet. Darkness resides within shadows, not plain view.
Kutzu: ...Okay, fine... I'll go see what happened. I, like... probably should be even more concerned... [Turns around...]
Lea: Return to me, and inform me of what you see, understand?
Kutzu: ...I'm only doing this so you'll leave...
Lea: Hmhmhm... Yes... I know...
[Kutzu flies off to the meadows, suspecting something of Lea...]
Kutzu: [In flight.] (Darkness is back... Why? Is there, like, some occasion? This is totally confusing...)
-The Princess' Meadow.-
[After about 20 minutes of full speed flying, Kutzu reaches the meadow. It has been devastated by the explosion... Kutzu sets himself down softly on the explosion-charred ground.]
Kutzu: [Scans the ruined meadow.] ...Susie's Meadow... It's a wasteland now... She won't be too happy about this... [He walks ahead, eyes fixed on an gigantic crater. He stands upon the edge, glancing into the hole... a shallow remainder of water from the pond can be seen... Nothing more.] What... was it...? Maybe something from the Cyborgs?
[A moment later...]
Kutzu: ...It must've been a star... Hmm, that's kind of scary... [Peeks into the hole one more time... This time, activity. A submerged illumination brighten the crater and the water within...] What's this, now?
[In a flash, a figure rockets vertically from the hole. This very figure was the source of light. It hovers in midair, while Kutzu stares at it in complete awe as it catches the sunlight...]
Kutzu: ...? [Jaw dropped and eyes wide...] ...

{Use profile for reference.} ~Fourth~ [A mystifying being that looks as if it were a physical combination of the Eclipctic creatures of Fantasy. It's torso, like a Aquatican's, its head and tails, like a Scorpious's, Its tails and face, like a Pimiku's, its abilities, like a Pokemon's, its senses, like a Safan. It is simple to perceive, yet complicated like an Antifigurate. It is just as tall as a Mobian. It possesses a symbol floating above its head, just like a Sorenian's. It has orb-like features attached to its long antennas, two slim tails, and floating just beneath its small feet {which specifically allow him to fly. They emit small rings of mana energy.} Its body switches from dark gray to dark turquoise The orbs are transparent and sky blue. Its hands are not hands, rather crystalline, hardened flames, though they can change in appearance.]

Fourth: ...[Looks at himself, still in midair.] I'm alive...I'm alive!! Yeah!! [He performs a few back flips in midair joyfully, before spotting Kutzu.]
Kutzu: (What... is that? Darkness? Light? ...) [Backs up nervously...]
Fourth: [Sets down right in front of Kutzu...] Hey. Are you a Sorenian?
Kutzu: Y-yes...? You're on Soren...
Fourth: I thought it looked kinda familiar. [Looks around at the meadow...] Oh... did I do that...?
Kutzu: You did... And it wasn't too polite either.
Fourth: Gee, I'm sorry about that...
Kutzu: Well... I guess there was like, probably nothing you could do about it. Hey, could you come with me?
Fourth: I guess. What's up?
Kutzu: Nothing, just... Follow me. I'll explain the details on the way.
[Kutzu takes flight. He gestures for Fourth to follow, who does... The two of them fly from the ruined meadow...]
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(Fourth - Kutzu)
-Fairytale Fields.-
[Through the deep blue skies, Kutzu and Fourth fly, on their way to Castle Blossom.]
Kutzu: [Looks to Fourth, still flying forward.] It's totally hard to believe you survived that humongous explosion.
Fourth: ...All I remember is falling to the sky from some place I can't... recall. I know I was inside some bubbly shield... All of a sudden I black out, and here I am... I can't believe I'm alive again.
Kutzu: Alive again? What do you mean?
Fourth: I don't really know... It looks like it's been a while since I've been around, maybe centuries or somethin'.
Kutzu: So, like, you've been here before?
Fourth: Sure have. I've been everywhere: Safa, Aquatica, Antifigurate World, Chronic, you name it.
Kutzu: Hmmm? [Looks ahead...] Have you been to Reality...?
Fourth: ...Yeah. I think I was born there... I'm not so sure though... It feels like too much has changed for me to even assume things anymore...
Kutzu: ...What's your name?
Fourth: I... My name? ...When you ask me that, I want to say Fourth...
Kutzu: Oh... For a second I thought you were... someone else...
Fourth: Who did you think I was?
Kutzu: I... Mm, never mind... It's unhealthy for me to talk about it...
Fourth: Hm... What's your name?
Kutzu: ...My name... is Kutzu.
Fourth: [Comes to an abrupt stop in midair.] What did you say!?
Kutzu: [Cycles around, looking straight at Fourth.] ...Kutzu. Is something wrong?
Fourth: ...Kutzu... [Approaches him very slowly...] ...Really...?
Kutzu: Mhmm. Have you heard my name somewhere?
Fourth: ...You're all... still here... Kutzu... How long has it been since... since that famous hero, and villain, disappeared...?
Kutzu: Him...? ...[Sighs and lowers his head...] He's... been gone for a while now... This is the fourth year that--...fourth year... [Looks up] Fourth...
Fourth: [Unable to maintain his excitement any longer, he comes close to Kutzu and hugs him tightly.] Kutzu!!!
Kutzu: !!!? Wh--What're you--!? ...Ch-Chris...?
Fourth: That's it... Chris is the one... I remember now. I was Chris... The Believer...
Kutzu: Oh my God... Chris!! [Hugs him tightly as well.]
--E n d i n g--