Things never go right, they just seem to get harder.
The more I try to get close something pushes me farther.
Over and over again, the same thing as the last.
The only thing that I've learned is to run from my past.
The only obstacle overcome is the one in my head.
When I should give up on life I keep trying instead.
As friends and family grow more distant each day;
And all the while I stray from hope, yet every night I still pray.
Though I know it is destiny, why God has put me through this test.
But this lifetime seems much longer, and all I long for is rest.
Everybody that helps me, just seems to make it worst.
They pretend they wish me well, they wish to see me fall first.
I have realized I must crawl before I can learn to walk;
Yet as soon as one passes, I have to move another rock.
I'm really not quite sure how long I can ignore this battle of wits;
Before my heart will give up also, and decide to call it quits.