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wandering thoughts and useless epihanys
Well, since everyones doing it, I might as well
random order so...

10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people
(but don't say their name)

1. Well, your conceited, annoying, and a attention whore. Noone ever seems to be good enough for you. And you try to keep everyone jealous of you. But truth is your selfconsious and thats the way you fight it. i once thought what i felt for you was anger, but now i realise its always been pity.

2. Ha your amazing. you got this awesome vibe going, and your one of my best friends. You have some anger issues and often hold grudges.
you seem to date alot of assholes that your friends warn you about, and you never listen. And you get pissed when they do to you what you we told what they were going to do.

3. Your one of the most wonderful, amazing people i ever known. You listen and give great advice. you can be a bit selfconceited and at the same time you can be selfconsious. i love you as if you were my sister.

4. you and me have not really ever got to know each other, but you seem like a cool person. you do seem to get the short end of the stick, and that seems to make you bitter and more mature than most. look forward toactually hanging out with you whenever possible.

5. your a moron, a dumbass, and maybe even a d**k, but you know what you my best bud and that wouldnt be so if you were any different. You always seem to be able to make me smile. man your family to me and i would do anything to help you out.

6. your pretty cool, yo laugh alot and got a good sence of humor. you seem to fall for guys way to easily, and you can sometimes seem a little clingly.

7. omg you are awesome. incredibly weird, amazinggly funny, and you seem to get me more than most. but you are way easily angered, and can be extremely pissy. but i love you and id sooooo tap that.

8. you r a wonderful person. you are a inspiration to alot of people, though a bit of a smartass. you get trashed and labeled and you could care lss of what others think. you r my absolutely amazingly awesome bud.

9. your a p***k, you are disrespectful. and you dont seem to get it when a chick says leave her alone to quit messing with her.

10. you are one awesome dude. your funny as hell and you got aalmost as warped sence of humor as i do

9 things about myself

1. I'm NOT gay

2. I tend to scare new people

3. i value my friends and family above all else

4.i dont remember the name of my first kiss

5. im a very lovable person

6. I have been pissed beyond belief once, i currently cannot recall wht had appened what i was doing when i was pissed.

7. normally i dislike dating, (personal reasons)

8. i am a complete a** when provoked

9. i am proned to make preverted commets

8 ways to win my heart

1.Be honest.

2. be yourself

3. flirt. but dont try to hard

4. i dont need to know how hot the goddamn jonas bros are

5. try not to get pissy with e for things i didnt do.(this seems to happen alot)

6. open up. shyness is a major turn-off

7. leave things to the imagination. basicly dont dress like a whore

8. do NOT grab my crotch if i dont know you that well(or if our a guy)

7 things that cross my mind a lot

1. Friends

2. School

3. Girls

4. family

5. Death

6. the future

7. everyones changing, how can i stop it

6 things I do before I fall asleep

1. Eat dinner.

2. Drink a glass of milk

3. Brush my teeth

4. Shower

5. read

6. think back on life

5 people who mean a lot
(in no order whatsoever. not including God)

1. laura

2 conor

3. my mom

4. my dad

5. my siblings

4 things you're wearing right now

1. tee


3. boxers

4. socks

3 songs you listen to often

1. "All for you" sister hazel

2. "mutt" blink-182

3. "Punk B*tch" 3OH!3

2 things you want to do before you die

1. bungee jump

2. Find "the one"

1 confession

1. I am not happy 90% or the time. mostly its sadness or a depressive like state. but i prefer for people not to know tha so i act like im happy. ive gotten really good at it over te last 4 years.

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  • [09/06/09 09:09am]

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    oPapa is Gay
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed Aug 18, 2010 @ 07:49am
    I must say its been too long dude. ive gone ghost on here so if you could keep it secret keep it safe for a little while longer. i have a few things to say about this.
    1. is one of the top 10, something you wanted to say to me?
    2.i love how you start #9 off with im NOT gay. i remember people kept asking you because of your hair, and pink shirt. your backpack didnt help either.
    3.hate the jonas bros too!!
    4.really? girls only rank a number 3???
    5.where do i rank in people who mean alot??
    6.Punk B*tch" 3OH!3... and you KNOW dis!!!
    7. things you want to do before death. i can respect those
    8. you should have talked to me about that man...

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