Episode six already? Coolio.
[The Believers, along with Vince, had rescued Eden Volfer from the menacing BlackMatter, who they have been led to believe is the very first Believer. Eden, who possesses a very interesting past as a Savior, has sworn revenge on BlackMatter, the "Demented Savior". He, along with the three Believers, will soon be attempting to locate the other Saviors, scattered across the United States.]
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-Underground Lair.-
[Eden and the Believers are planning their hasty journey across Awgo's Prime Territory. Vince is pondered by something unknown...]
Vince: [Whispering to himself, so that Ixis does not hear his thoughts.] BlackMatter... is the Demented Savior? ...How's that even possible? I have to find out more about this... No one could ever know more than... BlackMatter itself. but how will I know BlackMatter won't just kill me right on the spot...? [Shudders.] Damn, this is going to take courage. [Looks toward the group.] Awgo hasn't done a thing to counter BlackMatter, but what can they do? Their best hope is the Believers and the Saviors... Awgo... They've been nothing but flashy. They don't want to help, they just love themselves to death for being so "cool"...
Eden: So, here's the thing about us Saviors... We live in areas that have had histories with disasters.
Vulpixis: ...Okay...
Eden: Let's think for a second... I live in New Orleans... A while back, a storm called Hurricane Katrina basically devoured the place. Hurricanes still come by... In Julian, the enormous fire that pretty much began the Demented Savior's transformation started. Fires go off all the time over there now. Oklahoma City, the eye of Tornado Alley. You'll find one of us there also. Florida's Key West recently experienced a colossal lightning storm. It's been going through that for a long time now... One of us has to be there.
Sacreda: So, let us review... New Orleans, Julian, Oklahoma City, and Key West?
Eden: Exactly.
Vulpixis: Fair enough. Ixis? 'That doable?
Ixis: [Nods.] Perhaps we should begin with Key West, seeing as it is the nearest.
Eden: It is? Where the hell are we anyway?
Ixis: South America's Amazon Jungle.
Eden: Ah... Alright, that's a good call.
Sacreda: [Turns to Vince.] Vince...? Are you feeling okay?
Vince: I'm feeling fine... [He stands from the closed coffer.] Just some senseless thoughts.
Vulpixis: Okay... Hey, are you sure we should bring Vince along?
Ixis: That does interfere...
Vince: You think I'll slow you down, huh?
Eden: Hey, you're great online, but... This is Reality.
Vince: ...[Turns away.] No, it's not. It used to be.
Eden: What are you saying?
Vince: ...It's nothing...
Ixis: Vince... you remain here.
Vince: Shouldn't I return home?
Ixis: It is dangerous in New Orleans. BlackMatter may still be there...
Vince: ...Fine. I'll stay.
Sacreda: Shall we be going?
Ixis: Indeed.
[They gather together... Ixis uses his ability, and they vanish within a split second.]
Vince: [Sighs. He looks to the floor.] With every second of 2012, the apocalypse becomes clearer and clearer... [Looks at his hands...] Just as my Secondary...
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(Sacreda - Vulpixis - Ixis)
-Key West, Floating Aqueducts.-
[Nightfall, Lightning Disaster.]

[Constructed very recently are the Floating Aqueducts. It acts as a oversea waterway, beginning in Miami and expanding throughout the Keys. Walking through this aquatic sky-way is a unique figure; a jet black Jolteon Pokemorph. {Like a furry and similar to Sacreda, except a Jolteon.} His name: Nightfall.]
Nightfall: (It's cloudy again... ) [He looks to the sky.]
[At that moment of peace, Muugen and the others appear from behind him.]
Vulpixis: Hm? Hey! [Spots Nightfall.]
Eden: Nightfall!
Nightfall: What the--!? [Turns around, shocked at the appearances.] Eden? And the three Believers...? How'd you get here...?
Eden: Ixis helped. I'm sure you've heard about BlackMatter?
Nightfall: Who hasn't?
Eden: My point exactly. We Saviors and Believers are uniting to end the thing.
Nightfall: I guess I should've seen this coming. [Approaches them.] In a way, I sorta did. Why wait so long though? It's been days.
Eden: Because we just found out a disturbing secret about BlackMatter...
Nightfall: Really?
[They explain the secret to Nightfall. Though in shock, he agrees to be a part of their team... With Nightfall at their side, they continue the fast-paced gathering.]
-Julian, Snow-point Pinnacle.-
[Len, Fire Disaster.]

[One of the highest peaks in Julian is the Snow-point. Recently renamed for its awkward change in temperature over the years, it is the coldest point of Julian. Upon the summit, a dary gray wolf furry with red streaks of fur in his tail an arms stand, looking to the sky.]
Len: ...[Entranced.] Hm? [Turns around.]
[At this moment, the Savior-Believer team appears, their cause the same...]
-Oklahoma City, Subterranean Refuge.-
[Pat, Wind Disaster.]

[Underground, similar to Ixis' home, is a refuge specifically designed to protect the civilians from tornadoes. Since the recent increase on the EF Scale to 6 with wind speeds topping out at 365MPH, the underground refuge has been expanded to house townsfolk now. In one of the secret housings, a teenage girl with dark clothes and jet black hair is reading a book. She is wearing a beanie, and robe-like clothing. At this moment, The team appears...]
Pat: ? [She looks up from her book.] Not your typical greeting.
[The group has successfully recruited the three remaining Saviors. They are now whole. The only remaining objective is to confront BlackMatter and bring it down.]
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-Underground Lair-
[Vince is pacing the room back and forth, lost in deep thought.]
Vince: [With his head down and his hands behind his back.] (Maybe this isn't such a good idea... The Demented Savior was a lost soul. Maybe we should ask him, if he really is BlackMatter, why he's here... But he may just refuse answering and blow us all to bits... Mm?) [Looks up. The expanded team appears. Vince looks surprised at the sight of Nightfall, Len, and Pat in the flesh.]
Eden: Miss us?
Vince: Sorry, I blinked and missed it. [Sarcastic.]
Sacreda: Now, we must confront BlackMatter.
Vulpixis: How are we going to find him though?
Ixis: ...I shall return shortly... [Ixis leaves the group, and vanishes by himself...]
Nightfall: What was that all about...?
--E n d i n g--
Sudden ending? THAT'S ME FOR YA!