-Devastated Times Square...-
[Times Square, and most of New York beyond it, has been reduced to nothingness. It was as if a war had been fought upon these grounds... Sacreda stands on the wrecked streets of the square, staring into the cloudy sky.]
Sacreda:(Awgo... I will assist... But I will not inform. It is better if you do not know the truth.)
[Thunder crashes.]
[The dark raccoon appears...]
Sacreda: (Muugen...)
Ixis: ...
Sacreda: Why have you come to this place?
Ixis: Why have you remained?
Sacreda: I cannot say... or think.
Ixis: ...Very well. If you do not intent on staying any longer, I believe you will be interested to hear the news.
Sacreda: [She turns her head.] My interest is peaked already...
Ixis: Your son was with me. He had spoken of a child who goes by the name of Vince.
Sacreda: Vince... That name...
Ixis: Familiar, yes?
Sacreda: Quite.
Ixis: He possesses information. Too much information. It was mind boggling for a mere boy to own.
Sacreda: You say information... I think I understand where this is headed.
Ixis: Then come along...
Sacreda: [She nods to Ixis and approaches him.]
Ixis: [Places a palm on her shoulder then closes his eyes. The two vanish...]
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(Vince - Sacreda - Vulpixis - Ixis)
-Underground Lair.-
[Vince and Vulpixis have returned to Ixis' lair. It is empty.]
Vulpixis: ...So much for that.
Vince: If he's not here, the best thing we can do now is find a way out of the jungle.
Vulpixis: Or I could take us out. I can't take us far... but out, at least.
Vince: If that's the case, then it's best.
[Just as the suggestion is made, Ixis and Sacreda appear in the visible air.]
Vulpixis: Whoa. Mom!?
Sacreda: Ah, Vulpixis. There you are.
[Vulpixis rushes to Sacreda, who picks him up and holds him close in her arms.]
Vulpixis: Mom, why'd you have to go and challenge BlackMatter?
Sacreda: It was for the best, dearie.
Vulpixis: ...Ixis, thanks for finding mom.
Ixis: Of course...
[The three turn to Vince.]
Vince: (The Believers... Funny. Hard to believe they are all here.)
Ixis: Not all of us, boy.
Vince: [Nods.] Right. I guess it's time I show the two Damandeves the data?
Ixis: Correct. [Turns to Sacreda and Vulpixis.] I will take us to the boy's home. While there, you must stay discreet with your actions. Let not a soul know of our presence.
Vulpixis: Sounds like business as usual.
Sacreda: I understand.
[Vince approaches the three. They gather together... Ixis conjures his Tier, causing all four of them to vanish...]
-Vince's House.-
[Within the bushes nearby...]
[Ixis appears quietly with the other three.]
Ixis: [Quiet.] I knew it...
Sacreda: Hmm?
Ixis: Observe. [Gestures toward the house. A scene is taking place between Zatch, Vince's Father, and a few Awgo Officers.]
Vince: (I should've known something like this would happen...)
Awgo Officer[1]: We cannot thank you enough, Zatch.
Zatch: Shucks... I feel like a stole all the glory.
Awgo Officer[2]: Don't feel that way. Your friend never spoke of this data... Say, what was your friend's name again?
Zatch: Vince Algol.
Vince's Father: Please, Officers... Do try to find him. And find Ixis. Stop that fiend from harming my son.
Awgo Officer[1]: We will do everything in our power, Mr. Algol. Although, keeping this sort of information from the Federation is punishable by law.
Vince's Father: That boy is so damn good at keeping secrets...
Vince: (What!? Zatch showed my information to Awgo!? Dammit! I can't beleve this!!)
Ixis: [Quietly.] You...
Vulpixis: [Whispering.] You idiot!
Ixis: [Concealing frustration.] You left the screen on...
Vince: [Too angry to speak quietly... (How the hell was I supposed to know you were going to warp us outta there!? Furthermore, I thought Zatch was knocked out...)
Ixis: ...[Ignores him. Continues watching the scene.]
Zatch: What do you plan on doing with the data?
Awgo Officer[2]: We plan on revealing the unsolved secrets to the Elites. The rest will be top secret.
Awgo Officer[1]: [Pondered...] ...Vince Algol... Wasn't he the kid who experienced the error with the Secondary Mechanism?
Awgo Officer: ...That's right. That kid really is a strange one. No offense, Mr. Algol.
Vince's Father: [Shakes his head.] I... I take no offense to this..
Vince: (My best friend betrays me, and now my father is calling me a freak...)
Awgo Officer[1]: [The two return to their hovercraft.] You know what I smell? Promotion.
[They drive off...]
Zatch: ...I hope Vince will be found soon.
Vince's Father: I do too... Hm. Come on, I'll drive you home.
Zatch: Alright...
[Vince's Father and Zatch climb into the other hovercraft. Within seconds, they, too, are gone.]
Ixis: Quickly, let us go!
[The three Believers leap from the bushes. Vince simply walks out, depressed.]
Vince: [Clenches teeth and fists.] ...All of that was mine... All of it.
Sacreda: Vince...
Vince: [Looks up.]
Sacreda: We have to hurry... I know you are upset, but--
Vince: Fine. Let's go.
Sacreda: [Frowns.] ... [She nods.]
[They enter the house. The front door has been kicked down by Ixis' first visit. Vince leads the way into his room. He immediately heads for the wallscreen and attempts to open the Believer files... No avail.]
Vince: No good. Aside from copying the info to a disk, they also recoded the firewall...
Vulpixis: You can't get into your own file?
Vince: ...Well, looks like Zatch left one way... so typical of him.
Sacreda: What would that be?
Vince: He left a link to the Virtual Battle Simulator... That's the only way through...
Vulpixis: If that's the only way, then let's figure it out!
Vince: I'm the only one here who can enter the simulator. This is because I have a grade A ranking on the game... Again, so typical of Zatch.
Ixis: If that is the only way, then you must hurry, Vince.
Vince: Right. [Grabs one of the helmets.] This is my kind of thing, right here. Just watch. [He places the helmet over his head, then types upon the wallscreen. Within seconds, he is shown on the monitor in his virtual gear, sword in hand.]
User Image
-Virtual Firewall.-
[The area is disorientating. Digital matrices make up the walls, and endless 0s and 1s make up the floor. Jagged, crystal-like structures represent codes. Vince can easily recognize the codes that have been adjusted. Unfortunately for him, they possess a defense: tiny, spherical robots that hover around each.]
Vince: (Gee, this looks like a blast. All I've gotta do is tear down the manipulated codes, and I'm golden.) [With that in mind, he rushes forward, slashing through the adjusted code structures with ease, avoiding every shot made from the tiny robots. As the codes shatter, the robots vanish. Vince maintains this flow until he is shot in the side. He is rams into a matrix wall.] ...Ow... Such tiny things hold some firepower, I guess. I'm still in the game... [Stands.] And still doing
pretty good. [Slashes through the code structure which broke his flow.]
Sacreda: He is quite talented for a human.
Vulpixis: That's just virtuality though... isn't it?
Ixis: To us, correct. To Vince, it is completely real.
Vince: [Nearly finished breaking each code down.] Ha! [Sweeps through one last code... Or so it seems.]
[A massive structure forms in front of him. Multiple tiny bots circle around it.]
Vince: Fun times... You're gonna make me use an ability, huh?
[The bots fire simultaneously.]
Vince: Ergh! [Parries the attacks with his weapon. It drags him backward a bit.] Alright then, be that way. [The sword begins glowing... While Vince is charging, he swerves from side to side, safely evading the robots' fire. The charge is complete, and the sword is gleaming with energy.] Game over. Sporadic Shockwave! [Vince jumps into the air, sword held above his head, and slashes forward through the air, sending a powerful shockwave that explodes upon impact. The colossal code shatters, leaving a green-shaded opening in the matrix wall.] Sweet. I'm through. [Vince enters.]
[The wallscreen no longer shows Vince, but the Believer page.]
Sacreda: He did it!
Vulpixis: [Jumps on the bed nearby.] As if I can read that from here.
Sacreda: [Chuckles.] Come here then. [Picks up Vulpixis and brings him close to the screen.]
Ixis: Excellent work, Vince.
[At that moment, Vince is able to willingly remove the helmet.]
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(Vince - Sacreda - Vulpixis - Ixis)
Vince: [Holds the helmet under his arm.] Look at that. It worked. [Scrolls to the page on the Demented Savior.] Here we are.
[Sacreda and Vulpixis are struck silent. They both look the information over closely...]
Ixis: [He, too, joins them.] How you attained this data is a mystery to even I...
Vulpixis: This is insane...
Sacreda: It fits so well with what the angels on high had told me...
Vulpixis: Vince... How did you get all of this!?
Vince: Believe it or not... I have a pal who was friend's with the Demented Savior. He knew him really well...
[The three turn to Vince.]
Believers: What!?
Vince: He changed his way of life not too long ago, moving from California to here. He also changed his name to Eden.
Vulpixis: (Heh. Garden of Eden. The irony never ends.)
Sacreda: ...So he must be the one who taught you so much...
Ixis: This Eden... He is the single person who knows so much of the fourth?
Vince: Actually no. [Lowers his head.] It's true that he does know a lot about the first Believer, but he was only one of a group of friends that the Demented Savior once had... They, too, were known as Saviors during a period of time known as Ethereal Cross, a revelation of the gateway to Fantasy. All of this is straight from Eden himself...
Sacreda: This is phenomenal, Vince... You must take us to this Eden friend of yours.
[The TV in the living room had not been shut off.]
Vince: [Hears the name of his friend mentioned on the TV. Without saying anything, he rushes to the living room and watches what is going on.]

"...and surprisingly, is putting a fight against the beast. It is unknown why BlackMatter is so aggressively attacking the the young individual, but he is surviving."
Vince: (BlackMatter and Eden... fighting? I have to help him!!)
Ixis: [From behind.] Foolish boy! You can't help him! BlackMatter is too strong!!
Vince: [Spins around.] Then we'll all go! BlackMatter against a Savior and three Believers? We have to get over there right now!! [Turns back to the television.]

"...and happening right now... oh this is too horrid to watch. BlackMatter, in the form of a demon wildebeest of some sort, has pinned the young fox fur down..."
-At the scene.-
[Houses nearby have been destroyed. The battle has torn up the landscape. BlackMatter has Eden pinned to the ground.]
BlackMatter: [In the form of a minotaur. Its voice is deep, distorted, and corrupt.] Where are the others!?
Eden: Other who!? [Coughs.]
BlackMatter: Don't play games with me, Volfer!!! Where are the other Saviors!?
Eden: How the ******** do you know me...? Who... are you...?
BlackMatter: [Brings his face down to Eden's and breaths hot air through his nose.] You should know me... Why don't you...?
Eden: [Turns his head away has much as possible.] Ugh... I don't have to tell you anything...
BlackMatter: You don't have to... [Breathes heavily and grins.] I'll make you...
[At that very moment, a small bolt of blue lightning strikes BlackMatter in the side. He howls as he is pushed off of Eden. The attacker is Ixis Muugen.]
-Vince's House.-
Vince: Wh-What!? [Turns around. Ixis is gone.] Grr... Smooth, Muugen... smooth.
User Image
-At the scene.-
Eden: [Stands, holding his chest. He coughs, then looks upward to Ixis.] ...A Believer...?
BlackMatter: [Having been blasted toward a pile of rubble. He stands, looks at Muugen, and growls deeply.] Rrrgggghhh...
[Ixis leaps down to where Eden is standing, doubled over, and places a palm on his shoulder. They vanish just as BlackMatter swipes at them.]
BlackMatter: Aghhh!! [Looks back at the now empty space.] You can't escape me... No one can escape me... [He morphs into the dark matter and heads in a southern direction.]
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(Vince - Sacreda - Vulpixis - Ixis)
-Vince's house.-
[Ixis reappears in the living room with Eden. Sacreda and Vulpixis are watching the TV now.]
Vince: Ixis!!
Sacreda: You're back!
Vulpixis: With Eden, also.
Eden: [Falls to his knees, holding his chest. His hand his covered in blood. His torso fur is soaked in it as well. He groans in pain.]
Sacreda: [Rushes to Eden's aid.]
Vulpixis: Is he gonna be okay?
Ixis: BlackMatter is coming this way to finish the rampage!
Vince & Sacreda: What!?
Vulpixis: Well then we have to get out of here!
Ixis: Indeed. I know precisely where we could tend to the wounds of this boy. Gather.
[They do so. At that moment, Vince's Father rushes through the doorway.]
Vince's Father: What the hell is going... Vince... [Notices his son, the three Believers, and Eden.]
Vince: [Shocked...] ... [His expression becomes a glare.] ...
[They vanish...]
Vince's Father: [His jaw slowly drops, just as his keys do to the hardwood floor...]
Vince's Father: ...Huh...? [Turns around. Horror rains down upon him and he screams... that is all he can do before blackness engulfs him...]
[Vince, again, has left the data clear on the wallscreen.]
--E n d i n g--
Much, much more violent than Sync 1.