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(Vince - Zatch)
-Vince's House.-
[The two are playing a virtual game, with the use of virtual reality helmets. These helmets are similar to that of a military pilot's. They are playing a combat virtual game. Within the game, their attire is much different. Zatch's is high-tech armor with shoulder spikes. He uses a chained mace. Vince, too, is wearing high-tech gear, but with much less aggression than Zatch's. His gear is much more rounded out. Additionally, he wields an enormous, dual-bladed sword. The game is online...]
Zatch: I swear...
Vince: He's always so tough to beat, we need to team up...
Zatch: But we did it. And now... That leaves just us.
Vince: Then this should be over soon.
Zatch: Aw, come on! Give me a chance this time...
[They stare each other down...]
Vince: Comin' at'cha, Zatch! [Dashes at Zatch, weapon held up.]
Zatch: Be that way then! [Dashes at Vince, ready to swing the chain-mace.]
[As they are about to collide, the game is shut off...]
[Standing behind the two with a helmet in each hand is Ixis... In addition, they are now helpless.]
Zatch: What the hell? [Spins around. Vince does the same.]
[They are struck with fear at the sight of the Believer.]
Vince: M-Muugen!?
Ixis: [Drops the helmets to the ground and lurches at Vince, grabbing him by the neck and bashing him against the wall nearby.]
Vince: Ack--!!! What the...? [Choking.]
Zatch: Paws off, big fella! [Leaps at Ixis with a hammer-punch in store.]
Ixis: [Swipes Zatch away like a fly with his free arm. Zatch is pummeled against the opposite wall with enough force to create an indentation. Zatch is knocked out.] Delete it.
Vince: [Choking.] Delete... What?
Ixis: [Presses him against the wall with more force.] The information. All of it. Or I will do it myself. [An electric aura sparks in his free hand, which is aimed at the wallscreen.]
Vince: Stop!... Are you crazy!?
Ixis: If you enjoy breathing, do as I say. [Drops Vince, who, in turn, drops to his knees holding his throat and coughing.]
Vince: The... data? [Coughs.]
Ixis: Yes. Get rid of it. Now.
Vince: Ixis... You don't get it... [Raises his head. He realizes Zatch has been knocked out.]
Ixis: [The charge in his palm increases.] ...You fail to follow my simple instruction.
Vince: Just listen!
Ixis: ...What? [Glares down at Vince. He is gargantuan compared to the boy.]
Vince: That data... I need it. It's for me, and only me.
Ixis: You are implying that you will not share this abundance...
Vince: (Dammit... I forgot about his Tier.)
Ixis: Most are incapable of remembering... in time.
Vince: (Ugh...) Ixis... where did you hear about this...?
Ixis: Tier tells me all, as you should, lest you wind up another victim.
Vince: [He stands, walking nervously to the wallscreen. He cancels the virtual game and selects a guarded file, which possesses its own firewall. Vince passes through it easily, entering various codes manually. Once past, the information on the Believers is displayed. Ironically, Ixis Muugen is selected.]
Ixis: [Discharges the aura... He leans in slightly, perusing the information...] ...Hm... You are accurate, boy. Very.
Vince: I can't just delete all of this... This took me years to figure out. No one is getting their hands on it, not even Awgo.
Ixis: [Turns his head slightly to Vince.] Not even Awgo...
Vince: Though I know they would pay for this, I've yet to complete the data... [Scrolls to the section on Chris. This sparks interest within Ixis.]
Ixis: The fourth...
Vince: He's actually... the first.
Ixis: No. Fourth... [He scans the data here as well.] ...Intriguing, certainly. [He stands all the up once more, turning back to Vince.] You. [Grabs Vince's arm in an instant.] You are coming with me.
Vince: Wh--!? Hey, let go!! [Struggles, but Ixis' grip is too tight; painful, actually.]
[Ixis begins vanishing in the visible streaks of air. With him, Vince. Vince hollers out, but it is too late. They are both gone, leaving only Zatch...]
Zatch: [Opens his eyes... He sits up and shakes his head.] 'Lordy... [Looks back at the wall.] Christ! [He turns back...] ...Vince? ...'Ey V? [He stands, approaching the wallscreen.] Vince! You there? You.. .anywhere? [Notices the screen.] ...Whoa... Wha'in the world's this? [Reads through the data...]
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(Vince - Ixis)
-Underground Passageway.-
[Deep underground, within a hidden lair... The two appear in the center of this lair.]
Ixis: [Scans the area.] ...Hm.
Vince: [Let loose.] Where's this now...? [Looks around.]
Ixis: This is my Abyss...
Vince: You live underground...?
Ixis: Indeed. You will be the first to see my abode. And live.
Vince: Why'd you bring me here?
Ixis: The Minuscule One... has left.
Vince: Huh?
Ixis: The Minuscule One spoke of you. He had known you all along... Vince.
Vince: ...What are you talking about? Do you expect me to have Tier also?
Ixis: Wishful thinking, boy.
Vince: Who is the "Minuscule One"?
Ixis: He is the one who spoke of you. He is the one who mentioned your vast data.
Vince: How does he know me?
Ixis: I knew very well you would ask. He claims to know all who know him. How unfortunate for the two of us... He has left.
Vince: (But... I don't even know who this "Minuscule" guy is...)
Ixis: I disagree. You do, very much so, know the child.
Vince: O...kay... So why did you bring me here?
Ixis: You know of the Demented Savior... The Minuscule One seeks answers including that of the Demented Savior.
Vince: Why...? Why would anyone want to know about that Believer of all four of you?
Ixis: I believe the Minuscule's motherly guardian possess those answers.
Vince: (Motherly guardian...? What is he going on about?)
Ixis: You shall see... in time. Vince. Locate the Minuscule One.
Vince: What? Me!? I don't even know what he looks like, why can't you!?
Ixis: You know the Demented Savior. I do not... And... Hmhmm... I can assure you, Vince, you will recognize the Minuscule One. After all... [Turns his back on Vince.] ...you know so much about him. [Vanishes in the visible air, leaving Vince alone.]
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Vince: Muugen... Of all the billions on this planet, it was me... Just because I know "so much." [Turns to one of the tunnels.] Now I gotta find this Minuscule person... 'Guess he couldn't've gotten far... but how the hell do I get out of this place...?
[Without hesitating any longer, Vince begins running through the underground passageways. Along the way, he encounters small rats and bats. They are not much of a threat... After a certain distance, the stone-constructed tunnels begin looking more ruinous. Vines are growing from the cracked walls. There is a small waterway running through the tunnel, which is beginning to slope upwards. A light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Just as well, the botany increases in numbers.]
[The location is unknown. It is lively with nature, however. Vines conceal the entrance to the Underground Passageway. Luckily for Vince, they are loose enough to maneuver around with ease. The search continues. Vince makes his way through bush after bush...]
Vince: (Man, where am I? I don't think I'm in New Orleans anymore... Louisiana, even... Hm?) [Looks at his arms. A few small mosquitoes have taken a liking to him. He shakes his arms.] (Ugh, mosquitoes here, too? That's annoying.) ...
[About two more minutes of pushing aside plants later, Vince comes across a tiny clearing... He is concealed nicely.]
Vince: [Hides himself in the bushes, peeking through.] (No way!) [He's spotted another Believer. Vulpixis. He is kicking off mosquitoes from himself as if they were fleas.]
Vulpixis: [He is a young, dark gray Vulpix with unique features, like symbolic streaks of jet black fur across his back, a studded collar, and "emo" styled hair. He is tending to the bugs...] Ack--I hate these places... [Grumbles.] Amazon Jungle, pbbthh... [Whines.] I hate this...
Vince: (Is he the one Ixis was talking about? The Minuscule One? ...I can see that... It makes sense.) [Pushes one of the leaves down further. It crackles a bit.] (!!)
Vulpixis: [Both his ears and his head flick up.] Mm? [He lowers his hind-paw to the ground. Vulpixis then scans the area... He is looking directly at Vince.]
Vince: (...) Um...
Vulpixis: ...'Kay. Come out so I can incinerate you. [His entire body heats up...]
Vince: Will you relax? [Pushes the leaves out of the way and walks through the large bush.] Ixis sent me to find you...
Vulpixis: [Calms himself.] Muugen sent you? Wait... You're Vince.
Vince: I guess I should've taken that crazy ability of yours into consideration.
Vulpixis: Yeah, you should've. Now before you say anything else... How. The. Heck... did you talk your way out of Ixis' "death grudge"?
Vince: You should know, if you know me... I own that data for myself. Me, myself, and I. No one should ever know about it. No one but me.
Vulpixis: ...I don't think that'd be enough for Ixis. [Turns his back on Vince and walks further away, but doesn't leave.] It's something else, hm?
Vince: Something I know you'd be interested in, Vulpixis.
Vulpixis: [Turns his head a bit.] Oh? Really?
Vince: [Approaches very slowly.] I have information on the Believers, as you know. But what you might not know... I have information on all of the Believers.
Vulpixis: [Ears flicker.] Wait... [Spins around.] That means--
Vince: The Demented Savior? You name it, I got it.
Vulpixis: You actually have that data!? [Steps closer, one paw raised off the ground.]
Vince: [Scratches the back of his head.] Well, yeah but... It's back at home. I heard you say something about the Amazon Jungle, and I do not live here.
Vulpixis: Who would? All of these GODFORSAKEN mosquitoes...
Vince: I know you can transport from location to location, but yours isn't as potent as Ixis'.
Vulpixis: Sadly... But I know where you're getting, and I like the idea. Take me to your place, I want to see this data for myself.
Vince: Hopefully, Ixis is back so we can use his transportation Tier...
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(Vince - Vulpixis)
[The two join up. They head back to the concealed entry point... However, just before entering the Underground Passageway, a sudden though crosses Vulpixis' mind.]
Vulpixis: Wait!
Vince: [Startled.] Sheesh... What is it?
Vulpixis: Mother... [Turns around.]
Vince: Wha...?
Vulpixis: Maybe my mother should come with us. She's just as interested as I am in this stuff...
Vince: Who's your mother? I didn't even know you had parents.
Vulpixis: Wh--[Turns and looks up at Vince.] What...? At this point, I don't think your "data" is accurate enough...
Vince: [Spreads his hands out.] What. Are. You. Talking. About?
Vulpixis: My mom. You should know her... She's one of the Believers...
Vince: ...(That just leaves...) Sacreda Damandeve is your mother!?!
Vulpixis: Sh-sh-shhh!! Don't let the whole world know! If you don't have it stored and you know OH SO much about us, I don't think anyone else should know...
Vince: (That must be one of the links of the four Believers... I can't believe this! What a discovery!) All this time... It was in our faces, but... Okay, anyway... Where is she?
Vulpixis: Awgo took her in for questioning not too long ago after her conflict with BlackMatter... She's probably still around the base.
Vince: And that is in central New York, yeah?
Vulpixis: I think so. Either way, we'll need Ixis.
Vince: Okay... but first... [Raises his hand and smacks himself in the face.]
Vulpixis: [Surprised.] ...Why do that?
Vince: Two reasons. One: Your mom is Sacreda. Two: a staggering three Believers will soon be under my roof. Awesome.
Vulpixis: Then I'm not so surprised anymore. Let's hurry it up.
[The two descend into the Underground Passageway.]
--E n d i n g.--
This is so much like a video game.xD
Sync 1 was kinda like that, but there was too little minor conflict.