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Maya's Ramblings
In here you'll find: -my favorite RP's (please check them out me and my companions have worked hard on them.) -some picutes of myself and dearest people to me -pictures I have draw and that have been drawn for me. -poems done by me -random thin
Zombie RP 4th Chapter (Vex and Myself)
They Feed on Flesh
Chapeter Four: Quiet Country Ride

Screams could be heard in the backround as a figure ran deeper into the forest. His breath was harsh and full of fear, eyes wide looking every which way for danger. He stumbles across a root, landing hard on the ground. Quickly he looks around himself, parinoid of every sound. He quickly staggers to his feet. A sharp pain erupts from his arm and he grasps at the wound there. Another series of screams echos from the forest behind him. Turning quickly, he stumbles along as fast as he can away from the noise. His breath became harsh again as he leaned each tree he passes, pushing off on them as if to move himself faster along.

Everyone in the car was silent still. They weren't sure of what was going on, or if it was anything to worry about. All of them seemed deep in their own thoughts. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of the engine, which wasn't much being a newer modle. Finally Jane spoke up.
"HEY TOMMY! Put on the ******** radio or something. I can't stand this quiet bullshit."
The unexpected outburst caused Tommy to swerve the car a bit.
"s**t Jane! Can you ever ask like a normal person?", he says shaking his head and flipping through the channels looking for a station.
The car suddenly feels more at ease as everyone in the back leans forward and puts in their own comments.
"Come on Tommy, not scared are ya?", Nancy says tussling his hair. Tommy lets go of the radio to try to grab her. They start softly swerving across the road. As the rest of the car teases eachother, Sue decided to search the radio. There didn't seem to be much of a signal out here. Most of it was static.
Finally she got a station. It was just a flicker of noise, but it had made everyone stop. The car was now silent again. The only thing that could be heard was the static on the radio as Sue continued to fiddle with the dial.
"Damn.", Sue said as she passed it once again. The noise was unmistakeable how ever.
Tommy's eyes had a look of panic, "Did... What was that? Was it...?"
"Sounded like a girl screamed. I bet it was just some gag or something. You now what these stations will do for ratings.", Jane was trying to laugh it off, but even that came out a bit shakey.
Sue had caught the station this time. The only sounds that could be heard from it where screams and an almost growling sound. It was quite odd. Nancy was reminded of a horror movie she had watch of a killer gorilla, she had always been into those cheesey films. They were all transfixed at the radio, as if it would show them a picture. Even Tommy was finding it hard to pay attention to the road. Which is a shame, you know. He might have been able to see the man running out of the forest if he had been.

Now it was time for everyone in the car to scream. Tommy slamms on the brakes and swerves. This causes the car to drift hard, and flip twice. They had drifted around to the oposite side of the man facing the forest, with another set behind them, and yet the car was again on the wheels. Not knowing what else to do, Tommy (still in shock, I imagine) looks at Jane. "Do you think you could roll down the window?", He said not looking at anything but in front of him.
As soon as she did so, they could all hear distant screams. Almost in a syncranized moment all of their breaths became harsher. The man, a bit in shock himself, wonders over to the car. Jane looks at him and gasps.
"Your bleeding!"
The man grabs ahold of the window and shakes at it, "No NO! We must get out of here! Let me in. PLEASE let me in!" Nancy opens the back door and there came grumbles from the rest of the group. "Look just start the car ok Tommy?", Nancy didn't want to have to explain herself. There was an odd feeling she couldn't shake, she thought maybe this man might have some answers. Tommy start the car, but it wouldn't turn over. "Damn it!", he says hitting the steering wheel.

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