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"I don't do what I do because I want recognition-"

Username: TyKat12
Name: Arian Meridessa Lily Lennox
Timezone: Eastern Coast, US
Time Constraints: I’m working and attending college, but I’ll still be able to play~
Description: Standing in at only five feet and two inches, Arian is not a large woman. Glossy dark hair and dusky, red undertoned, brownish skin mark her as foreign, a native to some place-but her vibrantly colored, beautiful blue eyes, the very color of the tropical oceans of her homeland- contrast sharply with her features, the orbs expressive, hiding little, if anything, unlike her beautiful, determined face and body language. She has a pert nose with full, luscious lips, almond, rounded eyes and an exotic look to her, native. She looks, at times-innocent, incapable of the very crimes she is said to have committed-and of the deeds she’s been PROVEN to have committed, while at other times-her features are so determined and filled with a fire that there’s no way she COULDN’T be dangerous. Young, skin without blemish except for the scars that all warriors eventually obtain, Arian is a very beautiful woman, with soft hair and skin, curvier build yet an athletic, toned one, she is rather feminine for a warrior.

Right shoulder blade was branded cruelly some years ago-a double V, a mark of execution in her homeland-and a hollow, darkly inked tattooed circle surrounding it in broken up curves of water drops, inked as black as her soul is sometimes said to be. A more recent scar, paler than her skin tone, marks the underside edge of her right jaw-evidence of a surgeon’s precise incision.

While Arian is very beautiful, it is not looks alone, but the internal fire and near wildness that makes her attractive. She is by no means a tamed lady-instinct and intelligence in her actions, along with fire-she is by no means an ‘ice queen’.

(Weapons and any special items/armor that your character might use in the tournament)

-Modified Flute Staff
Info: Arian invented this staff as a means for crowd control. Inspired by the instrument it takes it’s name from, this staff originally had only seven holes in one line. It has had several reworkings, the latest of which being the addition of metal to the outside of the staff in order to combine her gloves with the staff in a far reaching electrical attack.

Description: This wooden and metal staff is plenty strong enough to use in regular combat-but it has a wild card built in. Well, several. The staff is composed of two hollow tubes of strong, metal reinforced wood, four wide lines of conducting metal running down the cylinder at equally spaced points from top to bottom. (Imagine the handle to most screw drivers-except the staff is still a cylinder.) The top half able to slide a little on the metal pipe when engaged. The bottom half of this special weapon is simply twisted to the right to allow use of the triggering mechanism and to uncover the many barrels in the top half, all of which are drilled into the wood between the metal divides. By slamming the staff (bottom first) into the ground and pole vaulting, Arian can launch many projectile shots at a surrounding group while avoiding damage to herself. Twisting the bottom half back to the left closes the barrels and twists closed the trigger. It also reloads the firing barrels. A maximum of four volleys can be launched due to space, but only two volleys if the flute staff is loaded with fire shots. This staff, when combined with her electrical gloves-carries a current along the metallic edges. The four metal components of the staff go from spiked end to spiked end of the staff. The spiked ends of the staff are about four inches long, perfectly rounded cones.

Dimensions: 7 ft and two inches of height spike tip to spike tip, the flute staff has a two inch diameter thickness. Dark stained wood with steel tubing reinforcing the inside, springs as trigger and to launch projectiles, with four long strips of conducting metal running spike to spike.

**Regular Shots: Thin darts, which are folded within the barrel to about an inch of length. Once fired, they spring to full length, containing such tiny mechanisms such as those found in a watch. Full length is still only about three inches. f*ckers hurt, but are non lethal.

**Fire Shots: The tips of these thin little darts are coated with a rather medieval mixture-oil, sulfur, and quicklime, mixed with tow. This mixture bursts into flames in the presence of moisture-any contact with water (sweat, spit, etc) brings this fiery effect. Trying to put it out only makes it worse.
-Electrified gloves

These black leather looking gloves are woven with metal wires, blackened-Arian's hands are coated in a rubber liquid mixture to prevent shocking herself before battle-and produce a chosen level of voltage. The gloves are at all times(when on) electrified to produce chosen voltage. She can turn them off the same way she changed the voltage-a simple adjustment of her forearm guard-as they can be adjusted separately. The effect of these she usually keeps centralized to the area she has struck-a low enough voltage to avoid shocking the person's entire body-but high enough to add damage to her punches to the area her fist strikes or the shock the staff carries. She can up the voltage to a taser level common to police officer taser guns-and shock the hell out of someone, if she chooses to. Knowing first hand what such a shock feels like, Arian rarely will resort to this option either with punches or staff thrusts.

**Forearm guards-These are armor too-but contain the batteries for each glove. The top of the forearm guard(the part NOT touching the glove, closest to her elbow-) is the dial to adjust, simply by turning it and then pressing down again to lock into place. These protect Arian's forearms as well-as cutting into one of these will result in electric shock. Or biting into them. Even worse.

These are not weapons. They merely protect her, and serve as the battery life for the gloves. HOWEVER! While the inner layer is tight to her skin, it’s actually three layers. Mercury, liquid at room temperature, keeps the outer layer loose-not so loose as to turn on it’s own accord, but enough that gripping the outlaw’s wrists or forearms tightly is difficult-and leaves Arian twisting room, as the outer most layer can turn, nearly entirely around.

-Weapon Belt
Info: Arian has a standard weapon belt which hangs off one curved and leather armored hip. This belt has flaps of leather hanging from it for each leg, in order to protect her thighs (and to be a tad decent, ya know?) Typically, in Arian’s regular travels and running from the law, this belt is stocked to the teeth with enough blades, pins, explosives, and other things to arm a dangerous militant group. For this tournament, however, the belt is there mostly out of habit, and contains:

**Spike Daggers: One on the right front side, one on the back of the belt, sheathed at her back. These are rather nondescript, though a metal rod in the handle shares the same metal as the blade-conducting heat and electricity. It should be noted these daggers do not have flat blades-the blades are, instead, round sharp 'spikes', sharp and about seven inches long. (Owie)

**Pouch: This plain black pouch has a snap at the top, and holds two switchblades (sorta like Italian ones) with four inch blades.

(Non Combat Belt Items)
**A small bag of sand, weighing about 12.5 ounces, is hung discreetly from both sides of the belt, just behind her hip. This sand is in case something goes wrong with the combustible mixture. (Gets on her hands, body, etc) This weighs her down slightly, but Arian is conditioned for such added weight.
(End of belt items)

Other Weapons:

- “Fire Making sh*t”(Actual quote from the outlaw)
Three glass vials are sheathed along Arian’s right side, vertically aligned up that side of her armor, in special metal sheaths to prevent them from being broken-or, for some reason, if they are broken, the mixture will be without oxygen and so unable to burn. The lower half of the vial contains the same mixture found on the tips of the fire shot in the staff, sealed off by glass-and the top half contains water. Arian pretty much draws one and CHUCKS one at an opponent, which proves to be unfortunate.

-Spiked bands

Leather strap wrapped around Arian's upper arm, just above her elbow, displays wicked spikes jutting from the side away from her-about two to three inches long, very strong. She has one on each arm, and they are used to wound when she rams her elbow into an opponent, literally meant to tear their flesh apart, when used effectively. The strap is held securely with a plain belt fastener. Meant to last through countless battles, and the ones she's bearing seem new.

-KGB Knives: Arian wears cloth boots with flat leather soles. Clipped to the inside of each boot is a SOVIET SPETSNAZ AUTOMATIC (OTF) switchblade. Heavy duty full automatic, push the button forward the blade snaps out for use, pull the button back and the blade retracts into the handle. seven inches overall length, 3.48 blade length

((Should be noted-the right side of Arian’s jaw bone has been replaced with a lightweight metal stronger than steel. This is because the right side of her jaw had been shattered and then RESHATTERED in HoH. Arian has gotten some healing and then some talented doctors to replace it completely with the lightweight metal. There is no outward sign of this-merely the long, pale scar running along the underside edge of her jaw on the right side. ))

--Leather Helm

This is a simple leather helm with a lightweight metal plate over the forehead/crown area and the back of the head between the two layers of leather. All this does is help protect Arian's skull from striking the ground and or other people's skulls. (Headbutt protection. Yay~) Leather goes over ears but stops just past them. Small metal spikes, hardly a quarter inch long, run along the crown and forehead area, ready to gouge the headbutting scalp of an opponent.

-First layer of armor. Thin, soft leather that has four small glass capsules sewn into it next to her skin. Leather doesn't cover her midriff, just her chest and around her hips.

**Capsules, first layer-these are small devices that absorb electricity to prevent Arian from being shocked. Each can absorb a full taser charge. They work together, all absorbing equal amounts until full-where they'd break and leave her defenseless against shocks.

*Second layer of armor. Heavier than the first, full torso protection. Much like a bathing suit, though higher cut on the chest, of course.

*Third layer of armor. Stiffer than the one before it but not as heavy, it includes the detachable high collar that protects most of Arian's throat from both knives and fangs. Vampires had been a big problem a few years ago. Special cloth sewn and folded on the inside front of the high collar can be pulled up over Arian's nose and mouth to prevent breathing in smoke and such. The stomach of the armor has a strong square metal plate over it, blackened, to prevent being gutted. This metal plate is also ridged with miniscule spikes on the outside-providing an uneven and painful surface to strike or try laying on, despite the forth layer of armor. A second piece of metal over her heart, to prevent being shot there. A third, longer piece over her back, protecting her spine and most muscle area on her lower back. Both heart and stomach plate are detachable. The back plate is not. Thin flat knives, pins, and other things sheathed through out in strategic positions.

**Collar--imagine a turtleneck. This piece of leather has a thin metal meshing built in, which prevents stab wounds-but is also intended to make it next to impossible to get a firm/tight enough grip on her throat in order to cut off air completely. This gives Arian more time to react to such a hold, and prevents strangulation by stronger opponents.

***Cloth kept just inside collar-is strong and will keep out most foreign particles and gases with thicker molecules than oxygen/nitrogen air mixture. Main function-prevent smoke inhalation.

*Forth layer of armor. Black and in good condition. Stronger and heavier than the previous four, with slits that are used to access the hidden knives and pins in the previous layer. Longer horizontal slits over the stomach area, so the ridged spikes can be effective. A few knives are hidden on the outside of this armor, at the small of her back. All have leather, flat handles and are not noticeable. These are used for surprise attacks and escaping bonds.

Her armor allows for quick and easy movements, not hindering her speed as much as some designs. Her shoulders are basically uncovered to allow good movement of her arms-the leather coming up to meet the collar and protect the muscles closest to the neck shoulder area. This also means that the brand on Arian's right shoulder blade can clearly be seen, the branded double v in the center of the hollow black ringed circle.

Over all this armor, Arian wears her cloak. It concealed the brand, and her body when closed.

*Cloak-Strong material that is heavier yet slippery-it can be used to counter whips and other such weapons by claiming them, and also as a way to conceal where her body stands within it. It's also a good impromptu way of binding someone or trapping them.

Abilities: Kind of non applicable, but here are some:
Combat Skills and Non Combat Skills:

Intense Speed: Arian has spent years, day after day, conditioning and training her body. She is in the best shape of her life, able to run long distances at a very quick pace. Had her life been different, she would have been Olympic material, if only she had a longer stride. Regardless-her speed is startling for a human, both in reaction time, movements, and sprinting.

Short Temper: Arian can be pushed off the deep end and into a rage in short order. In doing so, she is quicker to react, more violent, and generally an 'unstoppable' force (within human limitations. She’s not going to keep fighting after, say, a bullet or two to the heart…). Pain and other distractions become literally non existent the further Arian is pushed into rage, her focus becoming the destruction of her opponent. She will not stop until either she or the object of her rage is put down. In this manner, Arian becomes a surprisingly difficult obstacle to overcome, despite being human.

Dexterous fingers: Arian is a skilled slight of hand artist, and a deft wielder of knives. She can control things in her delicate fingers that most other humans do not have the motor skills to accomplish. Years of practice and a natural aptitude for music lend to this.

Compassionate Streak: Arian is not as hard as she pretends, and generally cares about the well being of others. She will do a lot to help a person who needs it. A righteous anger develops when an innocent person is harmed or oppressed-and with this anger Arian is not only brighter-but a fiercer fighter, with her heart in it-rather than just her rage. Same goes for fighting inherently ‘evil’ opponents.

]Self Trained Brawler: Arian is undisciplined in any one art-her fighting style is rather unpredictable because of this. While it has set backs, it also has strengths in that Arian isn't LIMITED to any one area of expertise. Her style has been developed from a trial and error like existence and from knowledge gained through reading books.

Outside the box: Arian has a very intelligent, creative mind, and is able to process things not just in a unique way-but a more efficient one. As such, she is able to perform the defensive portion of Gun Kata, able to plot out the angles of trajectories and their probabilities of happening. In this manner, Arian can also think ahead, determining what an opponent can do and might do before they do it-and having a plan for each and every possibility in the chaos that is her mind. This processing happens naturally, somewhat beyond Arian's control, and improves her reflexes, as she doesn’t have to redecide what to do to react. It just happens.

High Intellect & Exacting memory-Arian possesses a very intelligent mind and an exacting memory, somewhat like an autistic idiot savant person, without the idiot portion. Everything Arian takes in with her senses is committed immediately to long term memory. She is able to instantly recall ANYTHING she's ever come into contact with in vivid detail, reliving the experience as if it was happening currently, and simply does NOT forget. Anything. The amount of information intake requires a higher than average but not genius IQ, and quite a bit of self discipline as far as focusing on what DOES matter. Because of this-Arian is a very distracted person, mentally, at all times. Her rage and temper help her to focus on her opponent-which is why Arian, for the most part-cannot fight unless pissed.

Street Smarts: Due to a lack of organized education, Arian seems ignorant of some things, such as standards of grammar and the like, while inhumanly capable of others, such as music. Her knowledge of newer technologies are limited, but through books and experience, she gets by well enough when she goes to invent or create something.

Scrubbing-a lock picking technique popular with magicians, this basically involves having a knowledge of most locks in order to rapidly push the pins out of the way in quick succession, opening the lock. Thirty seconds on average, usually takes more than one try.

Innovative thinking- Arian is an inventor, an analytical and curious mind allowing her to create everything from improved weapon designs to traps to minor machinery enhancements for engines and the like. (Arian's patents are her source of income under other names) As such, Arian may use anything available to her in unique and devastating ways.

Lie Detector: Arian is very good at determining a lie when one is being told to her by a dishonest person. She has a way of piercing into a person with her gaze, making them nervous-or just plain too careful. Deceiving her is difficult, in short.

Paranoid: Arian is very paranoid, and it's helped her survive. She pays attention to small details and seems to see things a human shouldn't really catch. Her attention to detail is just about disturbing.

Weaknesses: (Not including the obvious such as size and race…)

-Left Knee: Arian’s left knee cap was shattered by a rather cruel mace blow delivered by her brother a few years ago. Although she had the injury healed, enabling her to walk normally, the healing was done by a novice, and while the bone is mended-Arian still feels pain from the joint. A kick, strike, or any hard landings are going to be felt much more so than if they were striking her ‘good’ knee. (Likely to have left leg collapse if knee is struck.)

-Sensitivity: Arian is a Courtelli Native, and her people genetically have a hard time dealing with air pollutants. Arian is sensitive to air borne chemicals, and will become ill to various degrees depending on the strength and concentration of the pollutant. She is also more sensitive to certain poisons and bod, and will become ill to various degrees depending on the strength and concentration of the pollutant. She is also more sensitive to certain poisons and the like. Meaning: Arian would get drunk very quickly, and any unnatural drug would have twice the effect, as would most poisons.

-Brand: Arian’s brand was inflicted with a special kind of metal in a cursed fire, so that while her skin might heal and the flesh scar-Arian still feels a white hot, dulled burning sensation despite the years that have passed. As such, her right shoulder blade area is a bit more sensitive, and any attack aimed DIRECTLY at the scar or the area within the jet black tattoo is going to be much more painful than if it had hit her left shoulder. Basically-Brand is sensitive. Even to a light touch.

Background: Arian’s bounty is the total sum of all the prices on her head, from all over Gaia. Increased communications between countries has revealed that many different outlaws, such as: The Blue Eyed Bandit, Sabrina Gold, Ghost Thief, Lady in Black, The Cloaked Outlaw, The Masked Wanderer, Mary Reid II, and Fial Eirren; are all the same person. You guessed it, one Arian Lennox. For a human who has only lived two decades, Arian’s managed to get into a lot of trouble. She’s escaped more hunters than any outlaw still living. Still, the woman likes a good, clean fight, preferably without guns. Arian does not care for guns. Or magic. She uses neither. Generally, Arian is pretty easy about things, but beware her temper. Arian has a very strong will, and is very, very stubborn. Armed at all times, she will absolutely attack you if you push her far enough. And with her temper, it doesn't take much. Despite her roughened attitude and violent tendencies, Arian is not the bloodthirsty warrior the bounty hunters make her out to be. She's much softer than she lets on, and genuinely cares about the well being of others. But for the love of God, don't let on you've realized it. Arian can't afford to get that kind of reputation, and she will get pretty angry if one suggests she cares about anyone but herself. Above all, Arian cares about the welfare of children. Do not make the mistake of harming one in her presence.

Arian is, for lack of a better term, a brawler. Clever inventions and self designed armor all lend to her capabilities, as the human has no powers. She is smaller, and so relies on her ‘toys’ and speed to make up for what she lacks in overall strength. She is by no means WEAK, but let’s face it-she’s small. Pit her strength against a man’s, and she’s out of luck. Arian is flexible and more than capable of flips, spins, and awkward positioning-and along with that, she can also be brutally harsh in her attacks, when pushed. (This chick will pick up ANYTHING and use it against an opponent)

Knives and fists is a personal motto for the woman, and while she will utilize the Flute Staff as much as possible-the outlawed Warrior will no doubt revert back to her ‘roughing it’ style of fighting, undisciplined and relatively untrained.

"I do what I do because they've been wronged, and I want to make it right."
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