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Book of Fate
Warning: reading it may cause headaches, fever, diahrea, loss of sanity and extreme pain, shortly followed by death.
Entei: "Everything is ok now" - the new meme on Brazil
a.k.a.: How to completelly destroy your social life and become a meme as a bonus.

Translated by Loki Fenrisulf IV (no, seriously? I would never had guessed... ¬¬)

Source: GuraveHaato desu Ka?

" I have a theory: ocasionally, an unknown force notice things on the internet are going slow, and possesses some being, making it expose itself ridiculously, thus starting a torrent of jokes, photoshops and laughs that make the usual person on the internet happier, figuring out their lives aren't as bad as they thought.

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The one chosen this time was a young man, around his thirties, that recently showed all his love and admiration for the Pokémon series in a games messageboard, telling in details how he borrowed his courage to keep going on with his life from a…. Pokémon. I quote bellow the message. Highlights by myself, grammar mistakes were kept as originally made. (TN: most of them untranslatable for me unfortunatelly, you'll all ned to be happy with my own ones razz )

(…)when i bought my GBA in 2001, pokemon silver was my first cartridge of the pokemon series, before then i had only played on emulators since i didn't have a GB or GBC...
when i met entei, i became obsessed on catching one, it took me three days to do this since i didn't have the masterball anymore, so i caught him the hard way... i'll never forget those young days... (TN: yes, he really says young days instead of days of my youth)
entei is one of the pokémon that i really like the most...
at the time on pokemon colosseum i used to be afraid of losing the battles, i really felt pressure from the game, until i finally found entei, as soon as i caught him, the game became easier for me, the fear was gone, deep within i thought "any problem I send entei" uhhuhah… by the way till today my Entei lvl 100 is the one I caught the first time on pokemon colosseum, i have many other Entei that i caught in other games, but i still use that one till today.
even at the time i had a dream, easier it being a nightmare... (TN: yes, he says it like that. Yes, it's confusing as hell)
i was walking in a weird place, looked like a cave, and was dark, and i was alone, i walked until i found an exit, when i left that place, i saw that it was a canion (TN: yes, that's how he wrote it...) and i could see the bottom and the earth was really dry and i kept walking, until out of nowhere i found entei in front of me, wow i took a breath really in peace, i even talked with him ”entei u r here?!?” and he spoke ”everything is ok now(TN: in portuguese it is "ta tudo bem agora", which could be better translated as "everything's fine now", but this translation was also memetically added to the "calma, tá tudo bem agora" one)
i had at the time 23 years around that, but i always had this pokemon as a protector for me, when i go through any problem i think "i'll be strong as Entei" the third book is my favourite by the way just because it has Entei.
To finish, Entei for me is for president

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For who, like me, stopped on the first 150 original Pokémon, this up there is Entei. So, in other words, someone around 30 years old went o a games messageboard, and made a post for whoever wanted to know that his life was guided by the courage and determination given to him by a... Pokémon. On the sliding scale of public humiliation, this is far above your mom going to you in your university, while in class, to give you an umbrela and a pullover, and telling you not to get home late. It's an "I came on my dreamcast" (TN: a NSFW story about a boy that while doing NSFW stuff while viewing a NSFW site accidently did exactly what the name says on the reading lens of his dreamcast, and went to a games messageboard looking for help to make it work again) to the tenth, eleventh potency. An epic on the history of brazilian internet.

If you, dear reader, at any moment was part of an internet community (TN:*coughcough*Gaia*cough*4chan*cough*), you should already know that this had the same kind of effect as getting a liter of blood and throwing it into a pool filled with sharks: the guy (and, I never get tired of remembering you, is around 30 years old) became the source of jokesanywhere his story was told, and so began a new internet meme:


The sentence spread through message boards, orkut communities and twitter, taking everyone by surprise, and many without any idea of what's going on (something understandable, since we are talking about a... pokémon... that is, you know, a kid's tv show... (TN: in Brazil, the games are well-known, but the tv show is what is really popular)). Personally, I see no problem in getting inspiration in a cartoon or comic book character to take decisions on life. I myself caught myself immagining what Kenshin Himura would do in my situation (TN: or, as most people do, Batman), and already got inspiration on Ippo's courage to keep going on many hard times. I only don't talk about it in public, even less on the internet of all places (hm... wait a... DAMMIT!)

And, since we are on the digital age and any kid can make something on Paint/PhotoShop/GIMP if it has time and motivation, it's obvious that millions of pictures were created about the story. Bellow, some of the best ones:

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]Other pictures


That's the whole story.
Just thought someone would like to know.
And maybe I'd make this meme international razz

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