Sometimes they are annoying but usually they are quite helpful. Today's subject is all about knots.

One superstition from the sea says that wind can be controlled by a special series of three knots. The first knot when undone releases a moderate wind. The second more releases a stronger wind. The third one releases a hurricane. There is a knot superstition for curing warts. You take a string and tie a knot into for each wart then throw the string away. Whoever picks up the string gets the warts. loosing knots is also suppose to ease childbirth. A nursing superstition says that if who tie a knot into the sheets of a dieing patient during the night shift they will not die till morning. In some places knots were done in the houses of dieing individual because the hinder the soul from passing on and leaving the house. Knots are often used to symbolize love to show two parts being joined together. Knots are also a symbol of contracts. Knots were sometimes used by those who could not write to show a contract had been made. They were attached to the documents in question. In the middle ages people believed that if you tied a rope at a wedding and tossed the rope in a river the wedding would remain unconsummated till someone found and untied the knot.