You may notice occasionally that I'll play a game for like a week then have it completely disappear... This is mainly because either: I was about to start playing it, then lost interest, I got stuck and didn't really care to continue, or I just completely lost interest altogether.

Summary of Currently playing list with Ratings.

( Note: The Rating is what I'm giving the game for what I've experienced. It does not mean it's what I think fully of the game )

Crimson Gem Saga

It's a PSP game that I hacked. Played it completely on the whim, I saw it on GameFAQs and said "I'ma download that" and boy... It's a pretty good RPG. Has a skill tree and whatnot, but what amazes me most about this game is how hard it is to find. I've found it at ONE Gamestop, out of like 30+ visits. It's not easy to find.

The end of the game is pretty challenging and I'm kinda taking a break on playing it.

Tales of Destiny


If this game had any less direction, I'd say this is basically Grand Theft Auto without a map to guide you. There is no direction at all. I read a strategy guide to find out how to go to the next Island. How? You talk to a ******** random NPC from the previous town. No one tells you to talk to him, hell, you're not even hinted. But that's okay... I got over that, then you go to into this weird Airship thing and you're surprised with some Musical Sidequest. I was at work at the time and I looked at this and thought "... Whaaat the ********?".

Seriously, it made no sense. You're suppose to make some rhythm but the sounds made no sense, and they were like cats or something obnoxious. It was stupid and I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.

Not to mention the Gameplay itself was just a rehash of Tales of Phantasia ( which is a legitimate complaint considering it's a different company who made the game ), except it's slower and you have less options of attack.

This game sucks.

Suikoden 2

Oh my god what an amazing game. I hardly can fathom a complaint outside my hatred for the Suikoden magic system ( which wasn't that bad in this game anyways ).

I remember finishing this game actually enjoying every aspect of it. The duals, the battle system, and especially the story. I'm ALMOST willing to say this game is worth the 120 dollars that people ask... but that's just absurd.

Suikoden 3

THEN there's Suikoden 3.

I've no idea how this game got better ratings than Suikoden 2.

Here's the general idea for Suikoden 3:

Let's make a game staring three people. And basically rewatch the same three cutscenes all over again. Seriously, they make you watch the Karaya Tribe get burnt down three different times, all from three different perspectives. I don't give a damn, the Karaya Tribe doesn't even matter! The leader is a whiny b***h who fought in a war just because she was too weak minded to think for herself.

The magic system ONCE again gets in the way with it's annoying limited use. I really cannot stress how much it pisses me off. You CANNOT use a single magic on any enemies you find... Why? Well, because if you did, now you have one less magic to use on the boss of the next area. So if this enemy is kicking you a**, oh well. Better buckle up and learn some patience, cause that's how this game works.

I lost my patience for this game.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

The gameplay is pretty addicting actually, it's basically a strategy RPC + your normal Valkyrie Profile style. Only problem: There's no such thing as training in this game so therefore this game is ******** hard. I mean, I get that you need to use strategy to win these fights, but come on here... When the One Mage can withstand my entire party and One-shots me. That's just crossing the bullshit line.

I can't play it for it's absurd difficulty anymore. It's just not going to happen.

Secret of Evermore.

What is with games and absolutely horrible direction?

These games were released in an age where there was no GameFAQs. So what do you do when the NPC tells you go to the North Mountains, but there's no path to the North Mountains that I can see! I even looked on the damn FAQ and I STILL can't find it.

As far as any of this goes. It's not worth it... See, this is how I see things; if things are going to be annoying to find now, I can't imagine the rest of the game being a cake walk...

What really got to me was how frustrating the controls were, it look me a day to learn to how to Heal myself. A day. Why should it take this long? Why can't I just open a damn Menu and use heal? No, I gotta open the Magical Hidden Menu and select an item that's hardly even recognizable as a healing item.

Also, having to wait for your thing to recharge to 100% for each Hit really got old.

Mana Khemia


I know this game gets better, and knowing this is the only reason I continue because if this game is soooo boring. I mean, the Alchemy is a neat idea, having to find ingredients and all... but I'm in the third dungeon, and I've BARELY made myself any better. Why? There's no level system, so you better really hope you can figure this s**t out.


Ya know, I just can't get into this game. Game design should not be like this either, you shouldn't have to wait 4 hours into the game to finally enjoy it!

Giving it time...

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier


There's a couple reasons this game doesn't get a perfect score:

- Force Evasion is bullshit.

I mean, if the enemy even comes near the ground while you juggle, it's done. Your turn is over. I mean, the enemies block so damn much and with Force Evasion, you're gonna be lucky to do anything.

- The weapons are uncreative.

I don't mean uncreative as a sword or lance, or whatever. I mean like. Every person has their own specific weapon. It's what makes them Unique of course, right? Well apparently the game didn't get this memo from Shops because everyone equips the same exact weapons. It makes absolutely no sense to me. How does one person have a Rifle and another person with a great sword, but equips the same exact weapon? Very lame.

- Completely inconsistent bosses.

One moment the boss will do 1,000 damage ( a lot ). The next turn he'll do 80. It makes no sense. It's like the boss just decides he'll do a lot, then the next turn he decides he's gonna rape you. No sense at all.

Diablo 2

I felt like reliving the game to see how things are in the world of Sanctuary...

And man was I disappointed.

I used to play back in the .08 patch era ( the era with the hexed charms ) and that was fun. The economy revolved around these Charms because they were universal.

... Then they were washed away. What now? People say SoJ's are the new money, but mostly it's Runes. But the problem with Runes are... Runes AREN'T Universal. They go by what Weapon/Armor they go best in and if a rune ( such as Sur ) isn't useful, no one wants it... Not to mention the Drop rate of a Rune is HORRIBLE. ( 1 in 1,100,000 for Zod, I think it was. )

Also Blizzard ******** the game up pretty bad. Maps are not gigantic, you get banned from the server ( for hours at a time ) for "bot suspicion", Runewords are now majorly dominant, bots SWARM games killing Baal and with an Autopickup Command makes drops an ease.

The games a mess now. Blizzard just doesn't care anymore.

Ys: Book 1


This game could not be anymore generic.

Generic weapons, armors, bosses, world.

Nothing has any depth to it. The bosses have no strategy to them, the weapons have no philosophy behind them ( other then Silver Sword ), and... yeah... It's an okay game, but SO much could have been done.

Three dungeons, too.

Games I've purchased but have no intention of playing

Persona 4
Mana Khemia 2 - Premium Pack.
Ar Tonelico 2 - Premium Pack
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 - Collectors Pack