So yeah I am reading the book called "My Sister's Keeper".
I think it's a really good book better than Twilight.
I am also thinking of reading the book called "The Lovely Bones".
It looks sad to me because I saw a preview of the movie myself and it's a girl who got raped then is off to heaven watching over her parents.
I really don't wanna tell you all the rest because then I would spoil it for all of you. sad
But anyway yeah for right now I am reading "My Sister's Keeper".
You guys can look up the book on wikipedia right now, the movie is out right now to.
I never seen the movie yet but I really don't wanna ruin the series.
I rather read the book first then wait till I see the movie myself.
"The Lovely Bones" won't come out until December 11th, 2009, but the book is already out.
I wanna read that book also before I see the movie.
Reading Twilight wasn't a good idea at all.
It made no sense of love in it, aren't the vampires suppose to sleep in cofines?
Reason to have question is "yes".
But they never slept in cofines; Edward just said he stay's up all night fighting the bad guys.
Pfftt yeah right but they do fight at night but they need to sleep in a cofine to.
Stephanie Meyer made no sense from writing Twilight at all.
New Moon is going to be the same but differen't.
I actually like the werewolf better than the Vampire.
Oh and Edward Cullen "Robert Pattinson" never washes his hair so don't liking him so much. stare