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Character Profiles
Ozone and Riot
Their marked eye is plagued open.(It doesn't close).
There's a white X in that eye; The eyes and hair are DARK BLUE.
Their ears blend in with their hair. Their tail is short and choppy.
Their hair is Choppy. Back is spiked. Front has two long choppy strands.

Refs by me, meaning these are accurate o u o
They're in the middle.
Chibi derps

Refs of Ozone
Both of em by Bakayaro || Both of em by Kaikuro

Refs of Riot

Umbrey drew Ozone and Bakayaro drew Riot. TY QTs!

User Image

Name: OZONE, Demitrius is his birth given name.
Age: 19
Hair: A bit long. His bangs go to the side.
Details: Love for explosives. (Grenades. He has them on-hand always).
Personality: Generally mature. Won't crack a smile for anything.
Often looking exhausted around his brother. (Feeling like he's too much to handle)
Mini Background: Ill mannered & Ill tempered. He's quite mature but very antisocial and always upset most of the time.
Often is very abusive to his younger brother when he's been irresponsible. Called Ozone because of how defensive he was
[at a much younger age] when you first approached him. He was a very rude, fowl mouthed little boy. C8
He's generally laughed at for being much weaker than his brother.
He enjoys reading and hates people. A lot.

User Image
Name: RIOT, Napoleon is his birth given name.
Age: 12
Hair: Shorter than his brother's. His bangs flop over his nose.
Details: The spear he holds, simply put, is ******** gigantic 8|
Personality: Malicious and adventurous, very outgoing.
Mini Background: He was raised to wield a monster (in both size and destructive power) at the young age of 9.
He was put through lots of torture to build muscle and perfect aim. Though he is the scandalous type, he can
often feel sorry and pity. Called Riot for the irony of it (as a child). He's now grown to live into it perfectly.
He likes to shank people with his shanking buddy. (and here comes a link to Maze that isn't here yet...)

OZONE'S Background: Ozone had grown up kicked around
and laughed at for his unusual appearance. This
caused him to develop a a terrible hatred for anything &
everything, including his own existence, and parents.
At 15, when Riot was 8, they had become members
of 'The Big Bang', A group of 7 members believing
'God's voice' tells them to destroy every speck and
every bit of existence on earth, including themselves.
They always believe that when they die, they will 'Sit in
God's throne' because of the 'favor' that they had for
God.Ozone's name had come from a strong protection
over his brother, who is seemingly all he cares about.

RIOT'S Background: Riot had grown up right by his brother's
protection.His thoughts have greatly been manipulated
by Ozone's. He is deathly afraid of dieing, while his
brother says that even if he died, God would praise
him in heaven. He's also against killing, though he does it
only to please Ozone. Riot has been the only member of
the Big Bang in centuries to be trained to use his weapon
correctly. the Big bang had never really been a threat,
until the brothers had joined. Riot's fake name is ironical,
which is why he was named such. He is very shy, quiet, and secretly
a thousand times kinder than his brother.

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