Ah, this summer I decided to become a little bit more creative and more productive with my time. So I looked up how to make your own pattern for bloomer shorts from scratch.

"Hold on, wait-why do you want to make bloomers?"Why, that's simple my good fellow, I'm going Steampunk this year. Steampunk is a style derived from Victorian era clothing, so then logically, I would want to own a pair or two of bloomer shorts.

I plan on making simple white ones so that I could actually wear under skirts (and make them all cute and puffy)-along with decorative ones, to wear as regular shorts. From here on the months will hopfully be getting colder, so I cant wait to wear all my new Steampunk clothe! Knee socks, stockings, leggings, shorts, skirts, jackets, sweaters, spats, cuffs~ my list goes on.

I hope my Senior year goes off with out a hitch, at least in terms of fashion.