I love teas so much... I was thinking earlier that if I ever where to fail out of college in the future [please, no] or get fed up of my job, I can always become a professional tea tester, you know?? A collector should work as well, but then I'd want to collect them and not drink them , which is lame. [lamer than considering this profession] I want to try all sorts of exotic teas and be the tea master! Or it can just be a hobby that I can do at the side.... Does it even count as a hobby? Will I even get PAID to test teas? I should add that to my list on my profile anyway, or maybe it will look too weird. Besides, I'm too lazy... maybe later

So far, my favorites are::
Herb tea called Joshanda
Mixed Berry Zinger
Citris/Lemon Zinger
Gunpowder Green
Earl Grey

[more later]

BUT BEST of all, I Love BUBBLE TEA!!!! heart

Maybe I should just stick to being a book editor...