Must Mod

- Ejection system

-----The ejection part of my frame is a lil crooked, its stable but i'll need to mod it so that the ejection runs smooth. I'll place a 4x8 flat base replacing the 4x4 base. then i'll place the 2x2 gutters in the side and put a smooth 4x4 base in the middle. Then i'll take out the round gutter thats on the bottom stabilizer and place a 2x2 trapezoid base with with the 4x4 base that i replaced earlier. place the round gutter that i removed back on the 2x2 trapezoid. then i'll place a 2x2 rectangle on top of the 4x4 so that the ejection system would be smoother

- Holding system

----- i just need 3x3 trapezoids and a 2x2 trapezoid and attach them to the 1x1 squares. i'll attach the 2x2 to the flat 1x1 with the circle connector so that it can grasp the sword.

- Feet Stabilizers

----- Everytime the frame falls the feet stabilizers always end up braking into millions of pieces. I need to find away to keep them together other than using adhesive